Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Your help is needed this week: please sign petition to stop devastating changes to Combined Federal Campaign (and important fundraising for organizations like Cat Care Society)

Note: Cat Care Society is a member organization of Community Shares of Colorado and participates in the Combined Federal Campaign through Community Shares to raise funds for our cat shelter and community outreach programs.

Background: The Office of Personnel Management has proposed major changes to the regulations that govern the Combined Federal Campaign. While some of these changes are positive, the majority of them are, in our opinion, devastating to the CFC and will result in huge losses in contributions from federal employee donors. Please visit this link where you'll find many more statements of opposition from charities and CFC campaigns: http://blogs.federaltimes.com/federal-times-blog/2013/06/02/what-youre-saying-about-the-proposed-overhaul-of-the-combined-federal-campaign/

This is the last week of the "public comment" period for these regulation proposals.

There is now a White House petition to require OPM to release the research it has done to justify these sweeping regulation changes. Why? Because OPM appears to be proposing these changes based only on assumption, with no empirical evidence to back up its claims that these changes will positively benefit the CFC. And so we ask you to please sign this petition. Your name will NOT be published -- only your initials, and you can even choose to withhold your city and state, if you wish.

Here's how to sign the petition (takes about 2-3 minutes):

1. Visit this link: http://wh.gov/lqnqv

2. Click on "Create an Account" and fill in your name, city and state (optional), and email address

3. You will receive an email from the White House asking you to verify your account by clicking on the link in the email.

4. Click on the link, which will also log you in.

5. Click the button to "sign" the petition.

6. Send this link to your co-workers, family and friends: http://wh.gov/lqnqv

Thank you for your help!

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