Monday, June 03, 2013

Solutions: "Opinion: Colorado economy depends on drug innovation"

 Quoting from today's Op/Ed by CBSA's Pres/CEO April Giles on the Health Policy Solutions website:

"Gov. John Hickenlooper recently highlighted the vital work of Colorado’s biopharmaceutical industry. 'We’ve had over 3,000 clinical trials of new medicines since 1999,' he said. 'They allow health care providers new opportunities to predict, pre-empt and prevent illness.'

It was a timely reminder. Our state hosts more than 600 bioscience firms and employs over 122,000 Coloradoans in direct and indirect jobs. A new report by the Analysis Group titled 'Innovation in the Biopharmaceutical Pipeline: A Multidimensional View' shows that thousands of promising new drugs are in development, but we need to ensure that these promising innovations aren’t stifled by political negotiations."

Link to Health Policy Solutions for the full article

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