Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Absolutely Public Relations Celebrates Its Aluminum (Tenth) Anniversary In Business

Absolutely Public Relations is celebrating its tenth, or aluminum, anniversary per celebration lore. Owner/Founder Maggie Chamberlin Holben, APR, says a milestone anniversary in business is cause to celebrate the client partnerships that made the longevity possible. To that note Holben salutes these current clients: Colorado Cleantech Industry Association, Bell Aquaculture, Colorado BioScience Association, Baxa Corporation, Dr. Martha Lucas/Cosmetic Acupuncture Seminars, and Holben Building Corporation.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Absolutely PR's Maggie Holben Shares Expert PR Perspective with Boulder Daily Camera

Maggie Holben provided expert PR perspective to Reporter Heath Urie in the March 19th article in the Boulder Daily Camera, "Feds: BCH wasn't told to withhold information about dirty needles."

In part she said: "Obviously there is a huge amount of liability in a situation like this, so PR people -- who are really the voice of the top management -- they are going to be very careful about what they say and what they do," said Holben, who is not involved in the Boulder case..."It would be common sense if something that serious was going on that you would get with your CEO and your legal person and say, 'woo hoo, this is potentially publicly embarrassing or a public health concern and we better figure out a response that is both in good conscience and legal.'"

CBSA Helps Launch We Work For Health Initiative in Colorado

Denver, CO, March 20, 2009 – The Colorado BioScience Association (CBSA) is partnering with twenty-six national and state entities to announce the ‘We Work For Health’ (WWFH) initiative in Colorado. The announcement is made by John Collar, CBSA President & CEO, who says the new group’s launch event – Saving Lives, Creating Jobs -- occurs today at University of Colorado Denver, Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora. U.S. Senator Michael Bennet is the special guest speaker via satellite from Washington.

“The Colorado BioScience Association is absolutely thrilled to be a partner in the We Work For Health initiative in the state,” Collar says. “The United States, and our state in particular, has been a world leader in bioscience innovation and discovery over the years. Further, our universities and bioscience companies create thousands of high-paying jobs, and Colorado discoveries are integral in the fight to cure cancer and other illnesses. Today’s event is only first of many for the new initiative in our state.”

Chicago Tribune's Bill Daley Features Bell Aquaculture March 18

CBSA Included in March 15 Genetic Engineering News Article

Remarks included from CBSA's John Collar: "Colorado is another bright spot. It has built its biosciences industry from scratch in this decade, thanks in great part to a state commitment that funded start-ups and built the necessary infrastructure."

A lot of positive things are happening in Colorado," according to John Collar, executive director, Colorado Biosciences Association.

Although the state is facing a budget shortfall of some $604 million, "the legislative groups are doing a good job crafting a budget to go forward with the commitment to biosciences," including making funds available for proof-of-concept and early-stage companies, he says.

Newslink Indiana Television: Bell Aquaculture expects bright future

"It took just under two years for Bell Aquaculture in Albany to become the nation’s largest grower and producer of yellow perch.Yellow perch is one of the most popular North American pan fish. The fish raised at Bell, however, are unique because they are raised in a controlled environment. A water recirculation and filtration system keeps the fish in a clean living area and in appropriate temperatures. The fish are also raised on pure well water and fed specially formulated diets. The fish are monitored along every step of their growth process to ensure a high-quality product." Read and view Newslink's TV coverage by Reporter Jessica Miller. . .

Bell Aquaculture Featured in the March 2009 Fish Farming International

"Perch Farmer Finishes Plant...Bell Aquaculature, owner and operator of the USA's largest yellow erch (Perca flavenscnes) farm, has completed build-out of its corporate headquarters and processing facilities in Redkey, Indiana." Read more. . .

CBSA Featured In Winter 2009-09 European Life Science Journal

European Life Science is the premier journal devoted to presenting outstanding research and researchers within the life science fields in Europe.

As a cross-disciplinary journal, European Life Science, profiles all fields that provide new insight into the research development of human health and disease such as clinical advances in medicine, biotechnology, chemistry, drug discovery, genetics, material science, medical research, microbiology, molecular cell biology, neuroscience, pharmacology and physics. It also provides you with issues concerning intellectual property case law and policy.

February 2009 Med Ad News Placement

Quote from CBSA and President & CEO John Collar: The biotech industry does have one inherent advantage in tough times – some of the world’s most innovatory leaders. "Bioscience companies are renowned for excellent management teams," says John Collar, executive director of the Colorado BioScience Association (cobioscience.com). "They, of course, will keep a tight eye on the fundamentals of cost management and implementing innovative lean operational measures, while narrowly focusing on developing products and services with significant market potentials. Firms that bring innovative, lower cost, and more effective products and services to market will not only survive these times, but will be the powerhouses of the industry going forward."

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baxa Corporation Launches “Culture of Safety” Campaign to Recognize National Patient Safety Awareness Week

Englewood, Colo., March 10, 2009 – Baxa Corporation, a leading developer of technology for the safe handling, packaging and administration of fluid medications, announces the launch of a targeted campaign recognizing patient safety. The year-long “Culture of Safety” campaign is intended to emphasize the need for a true cultural change in attitudes and practices geared towards patient and medication safety. The campaign is timed to launch during National Patient Safety Awareness Week, March 8-14, targeting both pharmacy and nursing staff in U.S. hospitals.

“Baxa intends to play a leading role as a change agent where both patient and medication safety is concerned,” says Greg Baldwin, Chairman and CEO. “In difficult economic times, budgets and services can be reduced or eliminated – making it more important than ever to help bring patient safety awareness levels up,” says Baldwin. Baxa provides devices and systems that improve pharmacy productivity and provide solutions for enhancing patient safety, and reducing the opportunity for medication errors.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Baxa Corporation Acquires Florida-Based ForHealth Technologies™

Englewood, Colo., March 3, 2009 – Baxa Corporation, a leading developer of technology for the safe handling, packaging and administration of fluid medications, today announced that it has acquired ForHealth Technologies, Inc., a Florida-based healthcare robotics and software company, in a strategic expansion of its focus on health-system pharmacy automation and IV room productivity. Terms were not disclosed.