Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Good Read From PRNews: "The 4 C’s of an Insightful PR Dashboard"

Quoting Mark Renfree in the PRNews online posting from February 1:

"But the PR dashboard should not be thought of as just another reporting document to be shuffled out during meetings. Instead, this valuable tool should be used as a crucial learning device that senior leaders want to see early and often so it can be used to inform business decisions."

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Observer: '5 Big Changes Coming to Social Media in 2016'

Quoting the January 20th opinion piece by Ryan Holmes:

"Expect to see new technologies fundamentally change how we interact with social media, opening up new options like shopping and enabling us to share ever-more vivid, real-time experiences. But new functionality and the widening universe of social options also threaten to leave some users in the dust."

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Monday, January 11, 2016

Social Savvy from Digiday: "How Tiffany found its Twitter voice"

Quoting Digiday's Jan. 7th posting:

"According to a December Engagement Labs ranking, Tiffany’s Twitter game has made it the top luxury brand on the platform. The study, which used Engagement Labs’ eValue social metrics system to compare competitors, found that Tiffany’s Twitter sees high engagement from followers, and the account is the most responsive, replying to customers’ questions and complaints. The ranking also cited Tiffany’s #WillYou hashtag, used in reference to its engagement rings, as representative of the brand’s most engaging tweets."

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Friday, January 08, 2016

Pew Research Features Denver Data: "Around half of newspaper readers rely only on print edition"

Quoting the January 6th overview, which includes Denver statistics:

"Data from Pew Research Center and other sources show that around half of newspaper readers consume newspapers only in their printed form. In our study of the local news environments in three markedly different U.S. metropolitan areas, nearly or about half of readers of the local daily paper in Denver (46%), Macon, Ga. (48%), and Sioux City, Iowa (53%) did not access the paper online."

Further, the data shows that print readers are "news enthusiasts," and are also more likely to watch television news broadcasts.
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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Heather Allen Named Executive Director of Cat Care Society Effective January 5, 2016

The Cat Care Society (CCS) Board of Directors selected CCS Shelter Manager Heather Allen as Executive Director of the Society, effective January 5, 2016. The announcement is made by Board President Gail Tinianow, who says Allen will be in charge of the entire organization, including the shelter, adoption center and clinic, as well as financial and administrative operations, fundraising, marketing and communications, and the CCS volunteer program.

Allen joined CCS as Shelter Manager in June 2015, and quickly oversaw an expansion of the rescue capabilities of the shelter's receiving and isolation rooms after successfully launching a crowdfunding campaign. In addition she has revamped and expanded the Society's Kitten Foster program to help save more cats through the CCS volunteer network.

Allen has been involved in the animal rescue and shelter industry for more than 20 years. She started her career as a volunteer in adoptions, fundraising, and foster care. She then worked in full-time staff positions in the shelter community, rising through the ranks as a kennel technician, veterinary technician, intake manager, and executive director. Throughout her animal welfare career, Allen has had a particular passion for cats.

Prior to joining CCS, Allen was the Resort Manager at the Paradise 4 Paws, the luxury pet boarding facility located near DIA. Previously she served as Executive Director of Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue and Intake Manager at Angels with Paws. Allen has also worked in the sporting goods industry and with the General Services Administration. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from University of Phoenix.

Cat Care Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for homeless, injured and abused cats in the Denver metropolitan area. In an effort to prevent animal neglect and abuse, CCS offers educational programs that promote responsible pet ownership and humane treatment of all animals; provides shelter for cats in a healthy, cage-free environment; and works to find compatible families for every feline that comes into the facility. The shelter provides a loving, temporary refuge for more than 50 cats at any given time, affordable veterinary services to the general public and a free food and litter bank for cat owners experiencing temporary financial challenges. For more information, please visit

Monday, December 28, 2015

Feasting For Felines: Cat Care Society Thanks Its 2015 Partner Restaurants!

As we end of the most successful fundraising years in the history of Cat Care Society...we want to take time to thank those partner restaurants that sponsored Feasting For Felines events: 

January 2015: Stella Trattoria

February 2015: La Dolce Vita

March 2015: California Pizza Kitchen

April 2015: Mellow Mushroom

May 2015: 730 South

June 2015: ModMarket

July 2015: Native Foods Cafe

August 2015: Jose O'Shea's

September 2015: Piatti Ristorante

November 2015: Beau Jo's

Our appreciation to these restaurants for sponsoring Feasting For Felines in 2015.

Link to our Feasting For Felines Facebook Album.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cat Care Society’s Year-End Appeal Shares Bella’s Story, Ending In Finding Her Forever Home

The Society’s Expanding Foster Care Program Gives A Young Tabby A Second Chance

“Our latest second-chance story is about a young tabby named Bella,” Cat Care Society (CCS) Board President Gail Tinianow says. Bella’s story is being showcased as the CCS 2015 year-end appeal for both direct mail and online fundraising campaigns.

“Bella came to CCS in June 2015, when her human died suddenly. We examined and spayed her, and after a few days of recovery we moved her into the general shelter population. She was ill at ease at first, and spent extra time in the "stress kennel" (a sort of safe room where cats can be alone while they adjust),” Tinianow recalls.

The CCS team noticed that Bella’s personality was erratic.

“One moment she was happy and cuddly; the next she was acting aggressively toward the other cats. Clearly Bella was mourning the loss of her human; and we thought she was probably hormonal, as a result of being spayed as an adult, and over time her moods would balance out. But after several weeks she was still picking fights. We put her on a mood-stabilizing medication. But she kept fighting, with every cat that came near her,” Tinianow explains.

Bella’s story was full of twists and turns, but CCS had a workable solution: the CCS Foster Care Program.

“The foster home made all the difference for Bella. In the shelter, she had been on a downward spiral, getting more and more aggressive. In one month of foster care, she adjusted fully to living with multiple cats. And, almost three months to the day after Bella first came to CCS, a visitor came in looking for a younger cat. When she met Bella and heard her story, she was sold: Bella was adopted,” Tinianow recounts.

Bella lives with her new “Mom” now, and they have formed a strong bond. Affectionate once more, Bella loves being held, eats heartily and enjoys exploring her new home. Because of the persistent Cat Care Society team, Bella was given a second chance at life in a forever home.

Bella's story shows the lengths CCS goes to, in giving cats second-or third or fourth-chances. The expanding CCS Foster Care Program is an extension of the in-shelter team, which works so hard to achieve positive outcomes like Bella's. Link to read the full appeal:

With just a few more days left in 2015, there is still time to make a tax-deductible, year-end gift to Cat Care Society. Donors may drop off contributions at the CCS shelter, 5787 W. Sixth Avenue, during business hours or handle the process online at:

For more information about Cat Care Society, visit: