Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cat Care Society: Piatti Ristorante Hosts Feasting For Felines August 20th

Feasting For Felines - Restaurant Fundraiser

Wednesday, August 20, 11:30 am to 9:00 pm - Feasting for Felines is headed to Piatti Ristorante & Bar in Cherry Creek, 190 South St. Paul Street. Present this flyer to your wait person and Cat Care Society will receive a 20% donation of sales (lunch or dinner).

This is the second year Piatti has hosted a Feasting for Felines fundraiser for the cats.

See you at Piatti on Wednesday, August 20th!

Mark Your Calendar: 2015 Tails of the Painted Cats - Sat, Oct 10, 2015

Please mark your calendar for Saturday, October 10, 2015. We’ll return to Pinehurst Country Club for  Tails of the Painted Cats 2015…and be celebrating our 5th year and our 100th Painted Cat! You won’t want to miss it! We’ll be recruiting for both 2015 artists and sponsors very soon and you won’t want to miss out.

Tails of the Painted Cats Through the years: 

2014 Painted Cats Gallery

2013 Painted Cats Gallery

2012 Painted Cats Gallery

2011 Painted Cats Gallery

Announcement: Community First Foundation Endowment Challenge Program

As announced by Auctioneer Douglas M. Tisdale, Esq., at the 2014 Tails of the Painted Cats Gala Dinner and Auction at Pinehurst Country Club:

"Cat Care Society has been accepted by the Community First Foundation to receive a $10,000 endowment challenge grant if the Society is able to raise $20,000. The good news this evening is that, as we first make this public announcement of the challenge, Cat Care Society has already amassed the $20,000 in pledges and banked funds.

What wonderful news, congratulations Cat Care Society and to everyone who’s made this possible!"

Link for more information about the Community First Endowment Challenge Grants Program

How charitable giving supports Cat Care Society

Here is how charitable giving supports Cat Care Society:

$15,000 provides 6 months’ worth of medicines for our clinic

$10,000 covers the cost of operating our Temporary Care Program for a full year, serving cats of 50 families temporarily made homeless due to foreclosure, fire, or personal misfortune – we’re ready to reach out to any cat “mom” or “dad” in need of temporary care, esp. due to unfortunate incidents such as fires and flooding.

$5,000 feeds 60 cats for 9 months

$2,500 provides carrying cases, collars, tags, and starter toys for all cats adopted into their forever homes from our shelter for 1 year

$1,000 provides complete care for 30 kittens, including shots, spaying/neutering, microchips, food, and litter
$500 provides medical care for a senior cat (10+ years) for a year

$250 buys two month’s worth of cat litter for the shelter

$100 provides antibiotics for two sick cats for 2 weeks

Cat Care Society also welcomes and encourages regular monthly giving. This can be done quickly and easily by visiting the Cat Care Society page at ColoradoGives.org.

Link to Donate Now

Cat Care Society Alumni Story at Painted Cat Gala: Siete the Kitten

Quoting CBS4's Ed Greene at the 2014 Tails of the Painted Cats Gala Dinner and Auction:

"I was able to tour the shelter about a month ago. What a wonderful place. I love the open rooms and the way cats are encouraged to be, well… cats. Not cramped up in cages, but walking and jumping and (as we cat owners know) sitting and sleeping wherever they want. There was one on the counter… one on the window sill, another on the file cabinet…. another little guy living in the Meow Mart store. You get the picture. Cat Care Society is all about cats and has been refining its special brand of cat care during its past 33 year run.

Again tonight, we have a special story to share with you which showcases the important work of our staff and volunteers in saving lives and finding forever homes for our cat residents. But of course, none of it would be possible without the generous support of people like you, who share our love of cats. Because of your generosity, Cat Care Society has been able to give thousands of cats a second chance at a life of quality, in a permanent loving home!

One of our more poignant success stories from last year features little Siete (that’s Spanish for 'seven' and you’ll soon learn why she got that name). Last summer, a man named Dru found a five-week-old kitten in a dumpster on Navajo Street. He cared for her for two days, and then brought her to CCS. When he dropped her off, he gave us all of the money he had with him – about $6.50 – to contribute to her care. Dru is a real hero to all of us at CCS! Not only did he go out of his way to rescue this poor frightened kitten, but he cared for her for two days, and donated all he had on him to take care of her. (If you happen to know Dru, tell him that everyone at CCS says, 'You are our hero – and you are Siete’s hero!'

Siete is a domestic short-haired tortoiseshell (or torti, for short); she is also a seven-toed polydactl (meaning she has two extra toes on each front foot). Hence, the name Siete. When Dru dropped her off on Aug. 1, she weighed 11 oz. and was in surprisingly good health. But because she was still young, we found a foster parent to care for her until she could grow and get a little older. In September, Siete weighed 2 lbs. 2 ounces – enough to move out of foster care and to the shelter. She was spayed by the expert veterinary staff at our clinic, and put up for adoption in the kitten room that Saturday.

The following Tuesday, director of outreach Suellen Scott took Siete to Peterson Air Force Base. The event was a Community Shares nonprofit fair for federal employees who have the option to donate funds to the non-profits of their choice as a payroll deduction. Siete dazzled the group with her playfulness and sweet nature. When it was time to go, she snuggled up in her stroller for the trip back to the shelter. Later that same day, a couple – Stephanie and Mark – who had adopted another cat named Penny from Cat Care Society about a year ago -- came to the shelter looking for a feline companion. They stopped in the kitten room. Siete looked up at Mark and, well, that was all it took. Siete was microchipped, had her nails trimmed, was vaccinated, and went off to her new forever home with Stephanie, Mark and Penny.

We are so grateful to everyone whose financial support has helped Cat Care Society take care of cats all over metro Denver that have been abused or neglected, or abandoned like Siete – and care for them in a loving environment until they can find their forever homes. But there are many more cats like Siete, in need of second chances. And that’s what tonight is all about – raising funds to help Cat Care Society continue its fine work in the community."

Link to Ed Greene's Bio

Link to Information about Cat Care Society's adoptable cats

Cat Care Society Thanks Pres/CEO Diane Stoner At Tails of the Painted Cats Gala

Cat Care Society formally thanked President/CEO Diane Stoner for her contributions to the Society at the 2014 Tails of the Painted Cats Gala Dinner & Auction at Pinehurst Country Club. 

Master of Ceremonies Ed Greene, said: "Diane, excuse me, we have a bit of a surprise for you right now and the first order of business is presenting you with these flowers. The board and the Painted Cats committee have asked me to publicly thank you for everything you do as president and CEO of the Cat Care Society. You’ve taken on a long list of tasks, and you’ve led the Cat Care Society so effectively, during this time of turnaround for the organization. You’ve not only put a development department in place and led a new effort to attract major donors; you’ve personally seen to it that the weekly e-newsletter and Cat Care Quarterly go out in a timely manner….and more recently you’ve led the re-design of the entire website… And all of this on top of holding down a demanding, full time day job! We want you to know you’re very much appreciated for all you do. Please, everyone, could you give Diane Stoner the full round of applause she deserves!"

Link for more information about Diane Stoner

Monday, July 28, 2014

Seminars For Cat People: Healing Touch and Reiki for your Cats

Monthly Seminar Series for August

Join us Saturday, August 16, 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm, for a seminar by Mary Blake about Healing Touch and Reiki for your cats. For more information about Mary Blake and her practice, visit: http://www.agapehealingforanimals.com/about.html

Seminars are held in the lower level conference room of the Cat Care Society shelter, 5787 W. 6th Avenue. Cost is $5 (free for CCS platinum members). Please RSVP at frontdesk@catcaresociety.org or via phone at 303.239.9680.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Petline9: Kittens Butch and Sundance, plus Painted Cat Edwina Degas, hang out with Kathy Sabine and Suellen Scott

Today Suellen Scott from Cat Care Society took kittens Butch and Sundance to Petline9, along with this year's Tails of The Painted Cats' raffle cat, Edwina Degas. All three are ready to move to their forever homes!

Butch and Sundance are 12 weeks old and were found back in late May alone in an alley. They are now 12 weeks old and up for adoption as a pair. They are neutered, tested negative for disease, vaccinated for distemper and upper respiratory infection. They are litter box trained, micro chipped, and very lively, playful and full of purrs.

Edwina will be raffled at the TAILS OF THE PAINTED CATS GALA on Saturday July 26th at the Pinehurst Country Cub. Raffle tickets are $10 each. Cat Care Society has lots of kittens and cats looking for their forever homes, 6th Ave. and Sheridan in Lakewood.

Visit us online at: www.CatCareSociety.org

Monday, July 21, 2014

Tails of Painted Cats Tower of Wine Is Back in the Silent Auction This Weekend

The amazing Tower of Wine in back in the Tails of the Painted Cats silent auction for a third year.

Selections range from a 1985 Chateau L’ Evangile French Red valued at $386 to a 2012 Rombauer Chardonnay valued at $40. You can peruse the list here (click on the photo for a larger image).

The Tower always sells out quickly. Remember to come early (doors open at 5 p.m.) so you don't miss out.

You can register for the Gala Dinner & Art Auction at: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e97ar39c4d110352&llr=mvjdg9fab

July 31-Aug 10: the Amazing Clicker-Trained Acro-Cats are back in Denver raising funds for Cat Care Society

The Bug Theatre (3654 Navajo St, Denver, CO 80211) welcomes Samantha Martin and her Amazing Acro-Cats as they dive into Denver, again helping raising funds for Cat Care Society. Purr-formances begin July 31st through August 10th, 2014. Adult tickets are $18, children are $15. 

Visit: www.circuscats.com or http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/69429.

These are clicker-trained cats.

The one-hour show features over a dozen fabulous felines (former orphans, rescues, and strays) walking tightropes, pushing carts, skateboarding, jumping through hoops, ringing bells, balancing on balls and turning on lights. Alley, our newest addition to the troupe, will be sure to delight and amaze you with her energy and ability. But wait there’s more! Tuna, the star of the show, is the leader of the ONLY CAT BAND IN EXISTENCE – the Rock Cats. With Oz on guitar, Dakota on drums, Nue on keyboards, and Sookie on chimes - Tuna (who plays cowbell) and her band really steal the show with their own style of original music. There is even a chicken, Cluck Norris, on cymbal and tambourine!

Samantha Martin, Chief Executive Human (or CEH for short) for the Amazing Acro-Cats, challenges the idea that “cats can’t be trained.” Tuna and the gang are real house cats who have learned all their skills through something called clicker training. The shows include a demonstration of a cat learning some basic tricks using this method that focuses on positive reinforcement only. Although she has studied and worked with many species, today Martin’s primary focus is on cats. Training builds richer and more meaningful relationships between animals and humans and it can save time and lives in emergencies. A lifelong fascination and unique bond with animals motivated Martin to study and earn her degree in animal husbandry and behavioral sciences.

As in past year's when the Acro-Cats came to Denver, a portion of ticket sales will be donated to Cat Care Society based out of Lakewood, CO - http://www.catcaresociety.org!. Martin advocates adoption from these types of organizations. Over the past four years, Martin has also purr-sonally found homes for over 140 cats and kittens and continues to take fosters on the road and help them find their furr-ever homes.

Link for more information: http://www.circuscats.com

Tickets: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/694296

Performance dates and times: 

July 31st and August 1st 8pm 
August 2nd 5 and 8pm 
August 3rd 2 and 5pm 
August 7th and 8th 8pm 
August 9th 5 and 8pm 
August 10th 2 and 5pm 

Acro-Cats media contacts:
Samantha Martin
Phone: 773-391-3357
Email: samantha@amazinganimals.biz
Website: www.circuscats.com

Press Agent: Polly Smith
Phone: 512-378-3952
Email: polly@amazinganimals.biz

Amgen Foundation Grants $25K to a Colorado STEM Education program

Colorado BioScience Association is honored to announce the Amgen Foundation’s grant of $25,000 to the Colorado BioScience Institute in support of the Research Experience for Teachers (RET) program in Colorado’s science classrooms.

The RET program is an intensive, 4 week, hands-on program for 7th-12th grade teachers. This inaugural year, four teachers were selected to participate. The RET program places teachers in local life science companies to provide them with hands-on lab experience to bridge real-world skills to back the classroom.

The goal is to help build long-term collaborative partnerships between, industry scientists, and the local university research community by involving the teachers in real bioscience research and helping them translate their research experiences and new knowledge into classroom activities.

2014 RET Hosting Companies:

Biodesix, Inc., Aurora, Boulder Molecular diagnostics advancing personalized medicine www.biodesix.com

iC42 Clinical Research & Development, Aurora Contract research services for integrated solutions to systems biology www.bioanalytics.us

Sharklet Technologies, Inc., Aurora Engineers surface technologies (Sharklet™) that controls the growth of dangerous bacteria www.sharklet.com 

Surefire Medical Inc., Westminster Developing a novel infusion system for the interventional radiology market www.surefiremedical.com

The Amgen Foundation seeks to advance science education, improve patient access to quality care, and strengthen the communities where Amgen staff members live and work. To date, the Foundation has donated more than $200 million in grants to nonprofit organizations throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Europe that impact society in inspiring and innovative ways, and those that provide disaster relief efforts both domestically and internationally. For more information, visit http://www.amgen.com/citizenship/overview.html and follow us on http://www.twitter.com/AmgenFoundation.

Link to the Business Wire

Link to the PitchEngine Social Media Release

Saturday, July 19, 2014

CBS4 Morning News: Kittens Frankie & Annette take Edwina, #1 Fan & Suellen to Channel 4

Darling Kittens Frankie and Annette (2014 Kitten Painting artists) took Edwina Degas, Number One Fan and Suellen Scott to the CBS4 Morning News today for an interview with Mark Taylor about the 2014 Tails of the Painted Cats and Cat Care Society's great work in the community.

Frankie handled the PR side, purring loudly in Mark's lap!

You can still register for the July 26th Gala Dinner & Art Auction at: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e97ar39c4d110352&llr=mvjdg9fab

You can bid on your favorite painted cat through noon on Wednesday, July 23rd at: http://bidonacat.blogspot.com ---- last, but not least, CBS4's amazing News & Weather Anchor Ed Greene is the Tails of the Painted Cats Master of Ceremonies for the third year. Thank you, CBS4, for your support!

Link to read about all the 2014 Painted Cats and Artists

Friday, July 18, 2014

King Soopers Shopping For Cats: What's In Your Wallet?

This past month, use of the King Soopers/Cat Care Society reloadable gift cards has resulted in a $586 payment to Cat Care Society.

Since starting the program in June of 2011, Cat Care Society supporters using the CCS King Soopers gift cards have raised $18,620 to support the Cat Care Society cats and its community outreach programs.

If you need a card, they're available at the Cat Care Society shelter front desk for $25. Then as you shop and spend the funds down, you can reload the card again (any amount...as much as you'll need for shopping) at your own King Soopers store.

Many thanks to all who are participating in the program and helping the Cat Care Society cats!

The Cat Care Society Team Is Headed to CatFest Saturday, 7/19, 11 to 3...Stop By And See Us!

Suellen Scott just loaded the van and Edwina, Colorado Cat, Aspen Cat and Number One Fan are ready to make the drive to CatFest 2014... Saturday, July 19th, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Dumb Friends League, 2080 S. Quebec Street.

Join them and CCS volunteers to celebrate Colorado Cats to the fullest.


* Dozens of vendors selling food and cool cat-related merchandise

* 'Colorado Cats Count' T-shirts, car magnets and more!

* Cat clicker-training demonstrations

* Chats about cats from health and behavior experts

* Fun photo opportunities

Link for complete information

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Kitten Paintings Are Back! Just In Time for Tails of the Painted Cats on July 26th

Kitten Paintings are back... just in time for Tails of the Painted Cats 2014.

They always go fast, so you'll want to be at the 2014 Gala Dinner & Art Auction on Saturday, July 26th, at Pinehurst Country Club in Denver, to get yours.

View the 2014 Kitten Painting Gallery:


Link here to register for the Gala on July 26th: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e97ar39c4d110352&llr=mvjdg9fab

Cat Care Society will of course be auctioning Painted Cats: https://www.flickr.com/photos/catcaresociety/sets/72157643826646023/

And new this year are Flat Cat Paintings: https://www.flickr.com/photos/catcaresociety/sets/72157644238955272/

and Clay Cat Pottery: https://www.flickr.com/photos/catcaresociety/sets/72157645102876642/

Plus there will be the ever popular 'Tails of the Painted Cats' Tower of Wine! Be there!

Note: advanced online bidding for the Painted Cats is open until Wednesday, July 23, noon (MDT): http://bidonacat.blogspot.com/

Check out Kitten Painting Day 2014:


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Examiner: Get out the fancy duds for the Tails of the Painted Cats Gala Dinner and Auction

Quoting Carrie Dow's Lakewood Pet Examiner column:

"The grand finale of the Cat Care Society's 2014 Tails of the Painted Cats is less than two weeks away. Saturday, July 26, at Pinehurst Country Club is the Gala Dinner and Auction celebrating art and helping homeless cats in the metro area.

The event, in its fourth year, just keeps getting bigger and bigger. This year's gala features an auction preview and cocktail hour followed by a grand dinner and then the big event, the auctioning of many beautiful cat sculptures by some of the region’s best artists. To learn more about the cats, see previous post 'Cat Care Society debuts the 2014 Tails of the Painted Cats' or visit the CCS blog, bidonacat.blogspot.com. Advance bidding is available for the sculptures on the blog. CBS4 Weather Anchor Ed Greene returns as Master of Ceremonies and Douglas M. Tisdale, Esq., is once again Auctioneer Extraordinaire."

Link to Examiner.com

July Adoption Tales From Cat Care Society Alumni in their Forever Homes

Many thanks to Adoption Assistant Karlyn Mendez for compiling this great report:

Manfred (pictured) - is now “Mickey” and enjoys tiny stuffed mice and wand toys. His owner described him as a very special cat and is a good fit to his home.

Precious - likes to run the house day and night but could care less about toys. She also likes to sleep by the owner’s 7 year old daughter and tolerates the dogs that mostly reside outdoors and let her rule the house.

Herbert – who also goes by Herbert George or H.G. was adopted by our adoption assistant David Speckman. Herbert loves to be petted and hangs out on David’s vintage 70’s couch and claiming one whole side as his own.

Mosi - now Norah was adopted by our adoption assistant Linda Langsted. Norah loves to be with her humans all the time. Linda is making slow introductions with her other cats and Norah. She loves her laser light and will play with it until she is out of steam.

Oreo - acts like he owns his new home with an older married couple He also likes to play with their 4 year old female cat as a playmate.

Ziggy - is a major lap cat and loves his pets as his hobby and is adjusting to the older male cat in the household.

Pumpkin - loves to be around the family’s two young children is teaching them to have manners. Her favorite toy is a pink mouse.

Link to view all of Cat Care Society's adoptable cats.

DBJ: "Med devices drive Colorado bioscience industry"

Quoting from the July 4th posting:

"Colorado’s bioscience industry has grown in recent years on the strength of its medical device companies, its medical labs and specialized medical distribution while other niches and the industry nationwide haven’t fared as well.

Colorado bucked the national trend of declining employment in life sciences and actually expanded payrolls 11 percent, according to a 2014 biennial study of U.S. life sciences published by the industry association BIO and the Battelle life-science consulting group."

Link to the Denver Business Journal

DBJ: 'Colorado gears up advanced-industry angel investor tax credits'

Quoting from the July 11th posting:

"Angel investors in advanced-industries companies are being advised to hurry up and wait as the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade prepares applications for them to get newly created tax credits.'

Link to the Denver Business Journal

MarketWatch: 'GlobeImmune Announces Closing of Initial Public Offering and Full Exercise of Underwriter's Overallotment Option'

Quoting from the July 8th posting:

LOUISVILLE, Colo. -- "GlobeImmune, Inc., today announced the closing of its previously announced initial public offering of 1,725,000 shares of its common stock at a price to the public of $10.00 per share, which includes 225,000 shares of common stock sold pursuant to the full exercise of the underwriter's overallotment option. The gross proceeds to GlobeImmune from the initial public offering were $17,250,000, before deducting underwriting discounts and commissions and other offering expenses. Shares of GlobeImmune, Inc. trade on the NASDAQ Capital Market under the ticker symbol 'GBIM.'"

Link to the posting

Coverage: Colorado BioScience Association Welcomes the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ‘Rocky Mountain Regional Satellite Office’ to Denver

Link to CNBC.com

Link to MetroDenver.org

Link to Denver Press Grab

Link to Yahoo! Finance

Link to BioSpace

Link to PharmiWeb

Monday, July 14, 2014

We Told You to Save Your "Save the Date" postcard for Tails of the Painted Cats 2014...Here's Why...

Remember to bring your "Save the Date" post card to the 2014 Tails of the Painted Cats Gala Dinner and Auction on the 26th at Pinehurst Country Club. This awesome Trader Joe's gift basket could be yours. Here are the particulars about this year's "Save The Date" prize:

Trader Joe’s Pantry & Savory Spice Gift Basket (a $300+ retail value):

• Extra Virgin Olive Oil – President Reserve • Vinegar Balsamic Glaze • Miso Ginger Broth • Salsa Verde • Sauce Island Soyaki • Black Olives Pitted Extra Large • Ripe Green Olives Pitted • Marinated Artichoke Hearts • Fire Roasted Red Peppers • Rigatoni Pasta • Arborio Rice • Whole Wheat CousCous • Organic Vodka Spaghetti Sauce • Cuban Style Black Beans • Organic Black Beans • Organic Garbanzo Beans • Organic Diced Tomatoes • Brushetta Sauce • Artichoke Red Pepper Tapenade • Thai Yellow Curry Sauce • Crunchy Almond Butter • Creamy Salted Peanut Butter • Pistachio Nuts in Shells • Caesar Romano Salad Dressing • TJ’s Fat-Free Sesame Dressing • Raisin Rosemary Crisps • Italian Bread Sticks • Dark Chocolate Swiss Bar • Fair Trade Organic Dark Chocolate – 72% • Kona Coffee and Cream Cookies • Original Coffee Rio • Coffee Pajaro Fair Trade • Organic Oregano • Dried Basil • Curry Powder • 21 Seasoning Salute • Ground Cumin • “Dinner’s Done!” Cooking With Trader Joe’s Cook Book • $200 Trader Joe’s Gift Cards • Plus: Charles Shaw Pino Grigio • Charles Shaw Chardonnay • Carles Shaw Cabernet Sauvignon •

Register for the Gala at: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e97ar39c4d110352&llr=mvjdg9fab

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Breaking News: Purr Lancelot is headed to his Forever Home

Handsome Purr Lancelot is headed to his new forever home in Parker.

He was won today for a $3000 'Buy It Now' bid: http://bidonacat.blogspot.com/2014/02/6-purr-lancelot-by-karen-mahnken-and.html.

Congratulations, Purr Lancelot. Enjoy your new home! And, many, many thanks to the family who won Purr Lancelot and who are, in turn, helping the Cat Care Society shelter cats, Cat Clinic and community outreach programs.

The Tails of the Painted Cats advance online bidding site (with a number of Buy It Now opportunities) is open through Wednesday, July 23, 2014, at noon (MDT). Visit: http://bidonacat.blogspot.com.

The Gala Dinner and Final Auction is Saturday, July 26, 5 to 9 p.m. at Pinehurst Country Club. Register here: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e97ar39c4d110352&llr=mvjdg9fab.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Out and About: Painted Cat Zentangle is on Display at Tender Touch Animal Hospital Through July 24

Stop by Tender Touch Animal Hospital, through July 24, and make sure to meet Zentangle, one of this year's Tails of the Painted Cats.

Dr. Apryl Steele says: “Tender Touch Animal Hospital has created a practice that values the feline patient's distinct need in the physical environment of the practice along with the way in which we handle and deliver care to our feline clients.” Visit the Tender Touch website at: http://www.tendertouchvet.com/ or their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/tendertouchanimalhospital.

Thank you to the Tender Touch team for co-sponsoring Zentangle along with CCS Volunteer Karen Gonzalez!

Learn more about all of this year's painted cat lineup at: http://www.catcaresociety.org/paintedcatsgallery.html

Register for tickets to the July 26th Gala Dinner & Auction at: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e97ar39c4d110352&llr=mvjdg9fab 

Monday, July 07, 2014

New Issue: Bioscience Colorado Magazine 2014-15 Article Overview

Make sure to check out these "great reads" -- and save the new directory for future use.

The complete flip book of the issue can be found online at: http://www.cobioscience.com/magazine2014flip-book/

Articles - Direct Links:

Mobile Health in Colorado: Where “Big Data” Sparks Big Ideas 
Biodesix Harnesses Machine Learning and Analytics to Tackle Multivariate Diagnostics 
Bioscience in Colorado Continues to Shine with U.S. Senator Michael Bennet 
Colorado Life Science Assets: A Sophisticated Repertoire of Clinical-Stage Therapeutic, Device and Diagnostic Products 
U.S. Hub: Colorado Is Where Drug, Device and Therapy Intersect 
Boettcher Investigators: Webb-Waring Biomedical Research Program 
Found in Translation: Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute Translational Research Programs Focus on Innovative Treatment of Eye Diseases 
Tech Transfer Offices Connect the Dots between Research and the Marketplace, Stimulate State’s Economy 
Colorado Bioscience Industry by the Numbers: Financing and Acquisitions 
Colorado Bioscience Grant Programs: Innovation Engines 
Colorado Bioscience Industry Directory – updated company information – great to keep on file 

Bioscience Colorado magazine is an integral part of the Association’s mission to support the Colorado bioscience community through advocacy, resources and advancement of opportunities for collaboration. It reaches thousands of bioscience, economic development, legislative, university and industry leaders. Colorado’s bioscience assets are also valuable. Device, diagnostic and therapeutic products created here have a significant economic impact—27,000 in total workforce— translating to over $10 billion in the State’s economy each year. In addition, over 60 acquisitions, financings and grants, totaling over $4 billion, were reported within the 2013 calendar year, further developing the industry’s ecosystem.

Download the new magazine pdf at: http://www.cobioscience.com/Magazine%202014/CBSA_magazine_061314-lowres.pdf

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Two Additional Painted Cats Added to the 2014 Gala Dinner & Auction Lineup

Number One Fan by Jane McFadden Dorsey and Signed Peyton Manning Jersey (28” tall x 18” wide x 14” deep)

The Peyton Manning Jersey was donated Back to CCS by the 2013 winning bidder, The jersey can easily be removed from the painted cat; both are perfect together or separate. Auctioned as one item. Link to place an advanced bid on Number One Fan/Peyton Manninng signed jersey.

C is for Cat by Liz Cooper (28” tall x 18” wide x 14” deep) 

This is a 2012 painted cat donated back to CCS. The winner recently died and his heirs chose to surrender C is for Cat, so we could fine it a new forever home at this year's Tails of the Painted Cats Gala Dinner and Auction. Link to place an advanced bid on C is for Cat
Important Links:

Advanced Bidding Site: http://bidonacat.blogspot.com

Online Registration for the July 26th Gala Dinner & Auction at Pinehurst Country Club: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e97ar39c4d110352&llr=mvjdg9fab

Summer Tour Schedule: http://bidonacat.blogspot.com/2014/02/see-painted-cats-in-person-2014-summer.html

New: Flat Cats & Clay Cats: http://bidonacat.blogspot.com/2014/02/new-this-year-flat-cat-paintings.html 

Tails of the Painted Cats Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TailsofthePaintedCats

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Headed to the Cherry Creek Arts Fest? Stop in PISMO and Say Hi to Red Hot Ruby

Ella Buchholz's Red Hot Ruby will be hanging out at PISMO in Cherry Creek through July 20th, making friends with all the amazing Chihuly glass works for sale at the gallery in Cherry Creek.

So if you're headed to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival this weekend, make sure to include a stop at PISMO Fine Art Glass, 2770 East 2nd Avenue. The cats want to thank Sandy Sardella for making this possible! Visit PISMO's website for more information about the gallery: http://www.pismoglass.com

Don't forget to order your tickets to the Tails of the Painted Cats Gala Dinner & Auction, Sat. July 26th at Pinehurst Country Club. Ruby could be yours, if you do! Link to register. You can also bid in advance here (plus we can arrange for proxy bidding): http://bidonacat.blogspot.com

Click here for all the details about the 2014 Cherry Creek Arts Festival.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Denver Animal News Examiner: 'Cat Care Society: Why Fourth of July fireworks drive cats batty'

Quoting from John Davidson's July 1st column:

"Here's a different angle on the annual warnings about the danger to animals on the Fourth of July: The nation's birthday observance is probably a cat's least favorite holiday.

So say the experts at the Cat Care Society in Lakewood, where they know a thing or two about felines.

'The noise usually begins a few days before the holiday and may last throughout the weekend, since July 4 is on a Friday,' according to a communication from the society.(www.catcaresociety.org) 'A cat's sense of hearing is much more acute than ours, and all the noises associated with the holiday are much more intense for them. Add to that the lack of understanding of what is going on, and you can have a very scared cat on your hands.'"

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