Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Denver Animal News Examiner: 'Cat Care Society: Why Fourth of July fireworks drive cats batty'

Quoting from John Davidson's July 1st column:

"Here's a different angle on the annual warnings about the danger to animals on the Fourth of July: The nation's birthday observance is probably a cat's least favorite holiday.

So say the experts at the Cat Care Society in Lakewood, where they know a thing or two about felines.

'The noise usually begins a few days before the holiday and may last throughout the weekend, since July 4 is on a Friday,' according to a communication from the society.( 'A cat's sense of hearing is much more acute than ours, and all the noises associated with the holiday are much more intense for them. Add to that the lack of understanding of what is going on, and you can have a very scared cat on your hands.'"

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