Sunday, July 31, 2005

Disc Protectors for DVDs and CDs

The Denver-based video production firm Co-founder and Co-Owner Matt King of Remember When now has the patent application published for a new line of products sold under the trade names “DiscProtectors, DiscShields and DiscPreservers.” The announcement is made jointly by King and his business partner, Fern Bray, who have run Colorado’s premiere film company for memorial tributes and life stories from their Aurora production facilities since 2000. Details regarding the recently published patent may be found by searching under the “Published Applications” section at for United States Patent Application 20040262176. These new products are special cloths that fit between the readable side of the disc and the case. When in place, the special material helps keep the disc from being fogged by “off gas clouding” of the case over a period of time. The “DiscPreservers” will also help to prevent “disc rot” by keeping high humidity off the edge of the disc when properly placed in the case. Remember When DiscPreservers can be used to stack one disc on top of another to help prevent them from scratching each other. When sending discs through the mail, a “DiscProtector” would be inserted between each disc preventing them from becoming scratched. Or, a DiscProtector can be used when Storing on a spindle for discs without stacking rings, or on a desk. And finally, the disc is secured by the “DiscProtector” helping to keep the disc in place and taking the strain off the center hub, especially if dropped.
Remember When’s “Patent Pending” DiscProtector products come in both black and white material. Pricing is as follows: package of 10 DiscProtectors, $2.00; package of 25, $5.00; and package of 100, $18.00. Shipping and handling charges apply, plus sales tax for orders within Colorado. Contact information for purchasing the new products is found at – click the “contact us” tab at the top of the page once getting to the Remember When website.