Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Colorado Springs: 'Patent office to boost innovation, job creation'

Quoting from the 10/24 article by Wayne Heilman:

"The opening of a satellite operation of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Denver next year will label Colorado as “a leader in innovation” and eventually spur innovation and job creation in the state, a Denver-based patent lawyer said Wednesday in Colorado Springs.

The satellite office is expected to open in about a year in downtown Denver with up to 200 patent examiners, administrative law judges and other personnel to help reduce a nationwide backlog of 600,000 patent applications that take up to three years to processed, said John Posthumus, a technology attorney in the Denver office of Sheridan Ross. He spoke to business owners and executives during a presentation at the U.S. Olympic Training Center sponsored by the Colorado Bioscience Association."

Link to read the full article

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Safety Tips for Cats of all Colors

Halloween Safety Tips for Cats of all Colors

By Mary Blake, Cat Care Society Volunteer (that's Ebby Blake in the photo)

Did you know that National Cat Day is two days before Halloween? http://www.nationalcatday.com

Celebrate by making sure your kitty is safe over the holiday. Even if you don’t have a black cat, there are several kitty hazards to watch out for in Halloween decorations and treats. Those shiny, crinkly candy wrappers are just the thing to catch kitty’s eye, and they are all too easy to swallow, so please dispose of them promptly. Those plastic pumpkin lights and the accompanying electric cords can be fun to play with too, and so can rolling batteries, so keep both away from swiping paws. Your Jack O’Lantern provides an eerie glow, but pumpkin also eventually grows mold, leading to an upset tummy for the kitty who chews on it. Chocolate is even more toxic to cats and can be fatal.

Noisy trick or treaters ringing the doorbell can upset any kitty. Please keep yours in a closed room so they can’t dart out the door and get hurt or lost. Many times those looking to use cats for “fun” will roam the streets looking for friendly house cats that have been let outside.

Be especially careful to keep any black cat indoors, not just on Halloween, but at this time of year. It’s heartbreaking, but ritual abuse of black cats escalates in October, so most shelters and humane societies, including Cat Care Society http://www.catcaresociety.org, will not adopt out black cats to anyone. So keep your kitty of any color safe and healthy indoors and have a Happy, worry-free Halloween!

Link to the article pdf at the Cat Care Society website

Monday, October 22, 2012

Business Insider: 'Introducing Colorado Entrepreneurial By Nature'

Quoting from the Business Insider article by Seth Levine, managing director at Foundry Group:

"Today we’re launching Colorado Entreprenurial by Nature – a grass roots campaign created by a handful of entrepreneurs in our community to show support of that ecosystem. The goal is simple. We’re giving members of our community an easy way of showing their pride in the entrepreneurial community we’re building in our state. We hope that this will help us both encourage entrepreneurship in our community and attract new entrepreneurs to come to Colorado to start their businesses.

Joining is easy. Head to the Colorado Entrepreneurial by Nature website and download the badge (it comes in a number of different colors and sizes). Display it proudly on your company or personal website. We’ve made some stickers up as well which you can fly proudly on your laptop/car/bike/etc. They’ll be showing up around Denver and Boulder at a handful of coffee shops and other places where entrepreneurs congregate.

If you feel the way I do about Colorado – about living here and working here to support entrepreneurship – I hope you’ll join me in the movement."

Link to Business Insider

BIOTechNow: 'Biotech is Growing in Colorado'

Quoting from today's BIOTechNow 'Q and A' between BIO's George Goodno and CBSA's EVP April Giles:

"Last month I posted a link to an interview featuring Colorado BioScience Association‘s (CBSA) Executive Vice President, April Giles. The interview briefly touched on some of the innovation happening in the state.

Though, I was curious to know a bit more about CBSA’s effort to grow and support the industry. So, I was pleased when April kindly agreed to participate"

Link to BIOTechNow

Friday, October 19, 2012

October 29th is National Cat Day!

19 Lives Design along with FixNation, Spirit Essences, All or Nothing Pitbull Rescue, Friends To The Forlorn Pitbull Rescue, Animal Aid Rescue, Hotline Ink, Ark Gallery & Cat Care Society have teamed up to spread the word that October 29th is National Cat Day! A million cats have been saved so far! Let’s save a million more!

Learn more about National Cat Day

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lakewood Pet Examiner: Artist 'Sponsorships still available for Tails of the Painted Cats 2013'

Quoting from today's posting by Carrie Dow:

"Tails of the Painted Cats, one of the Cat Care Society’s biggest and most interesting fund raising projects, is looking for more sponsors [for the 2013 artists]. Tails of the Painted Cats combines the metro area’s finest artists with an evening of philanthropy to help raise money to help care for homeless and abused cats.

Tails of the Painted Cats [TOPC] involves artists who create magnificent and unique cat sculptures that are auctioned off to the highest bidder at a dinner celebration. One cat sculpture is also given away in a drawing."

Link to examiner.com

Link ot an overview of the 2013 Tails of the Painted Cats Artists and Designs

Update after publishing: 

"We only have five 2013 artist sponsorships left.... #1, #8, #10, #19, and #21 are still available," according to CCS's Jane Dorsey. Contact Jane at ccsvolunteer@catcaresociety.org or 303-239-9680, ext 16, to learn more.

FierceBiotech: 'Colorado BioScience Association Announces 2012 BioWest Conference, Unveiling Finalists in the Venture Showcase Competition'

Quoting from the July 19th posting at the FierceBiotech site:

"BioWest is the Rocky Mountain region's premier medical device and biotechnology conference and the venue of our much anticipated Venture Showcase competition. We've now selected the six finalists for this year's Venture Showcase and are thrilled by the amazing new technologies that will be presented at BioWest in September."

Link to FierceBiotech

wsj.com: 'The Rocky Mountain Region's Premier Medical Device and Biotechnology Conference'

Quoting from the Sept 4th online wsj.com posting for BioWest 2012:

"BioWest brings together more than 500 industry leaders, government representatives, executives, researchers, investors and entrepreneurs from throughout the region. This year's national speakers for BioWest include[d] Ginger Graham of Harvard Business School and past president of Amylin Pharmaceuticals and Mike Huckman former CNBC biopharma and medical device industry reporter-turned-PR pro...

BioWest provides the region's bioscience community opportunities to network, learn from one another and collaborate to grow the industry."

Link to the posting

Colorado Gives Day Is Less Than Two Months Away

Mark your calendars: Colorado Gives Day is Tuesday, December 4th. Cat Care Society will again be one of the participating non-profits in the 24-hour online fundraising campaign through GivingFirst.org...

24 Hours to Give Where You Live...About Colorado Gives Day:

"Last year, Coloradans made an astounding demonstration of support for local nonprofits by donating $12.4 million for Colorado Gives Day. The FirstBank Incentive Fund and prizes increased the total amount distributed to $12.8 million. We look forward to Colorado Gives Day 2012!"

When: 24 hours starting at 12 a.m. Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How: Online through GivingFirst.org

Why: To support the nonprofits that protect and nurture quality of life in Colorado.

Link to the website

'10 Cat Charities to Donate to' - Cat Care Society Is #4 on this National List

So if you’re looking for a charity, you’re having trouble picking which one you want to donate to, don’t worry. Petside has compiled a list of 10 cat charities that deserve a look." [Cat Care Society is #4 of ten]

Petside's overview of Cat Care Society: "4. Cat Care Society (CCS) Homeless, injured, and abused cats of all breeds are given the chance for a better life because of the Cat Care Society (CCS). In 1981 the organization was founded and ever since has provided temporary sanctuary for kittens in need, until a permanent, loving home can be provided for them. Not only providing a home for abused cats, the CCS also offers educational programs to promote responsible ownership and humane treatment of animals, so that the number of abused cats gets lower and lower until someday it will be zero. CCS aims to be a friend to all cats as they strive to improve the quality of life for all our feline friends."

Link to the Petside.com posting

Donate to Cat Care Society via GivingFirst.org

Lakewood Pet Examiner: 'Why Does My Cat Scratch?'

Quoting from the October 10 posting by Carrie Dow:

"Ever wonder why your cat does the things he does? Scratching is one of the habits that all cats have as a part of their normal behavior and they have reasons for doing so. If you have issues with your cat scratching furniture and other possessions, read these tips from the Cat Care Society of Lakewood to learn more about the behavior and how you can redirect, not prevent, scratching to more appropriate places."

Link to learn why cats scratch

Monday, October 15, 2012

Pet Life 'Take Me Home' Radio: 'P.J. - A Kitty Who is Ready to Leave the Copy Room Behind'

Quoting from the recent online posting (CCS Adoption Manager Abbi Collins visited with Susan Daffron, Founder, National Association of Pet Rescue Professionals on behalf of the radio network):

"Susan Daffron talks to Abbi Collins from the Cat Care Society in Colorado about a female buff and white tabby named P.J. who is available for adoption. P.J. is a sweet cat who loves to cuddle up with people. She's a bit shy at first, but warms up to people once she has spent a little time with them...Abbi is hoping that P.J. can find a home where she can be the only cat. Once you meet P.J. you'll find out why she's a special girl who deserves a kind and caring family to love her."

Link to the posting

Link to listen to the interview

Link to PJ's Petfinder Profile

Monday, October 08, 2012

CSU Collegian: 'CSU group wins Colorado’s BioWest Venture Showcase'

Quoting from the 9/27 posting from the CSU Collegian:

"To be chosen out of five companies for the best emerging company in Colorado and to win $7,500 was the end goal for CSU spin-off company Veterinary Emerging Technologies Development Corporation (VetDC) at the BioWest Venture Showcase.

The showcase was organized by the Colorado Bioscience Association. This biannual event is provided for beginning companies to bring their ideas in front of a panel of investors and the local communities in an effort to gain the recognition of being the most promising startup company.

'Forty exhibitors came to show what they want to do. There were about 400 people from the industry there as well,' said April Giles, executive vice president of the Colorado Bioscience Association."

Link to the Collegian

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Meet the 2013 Tails of the Painted Cats Artists and Take a Sneak Peek at the New Designs

Tails of the Painted Cat Artists - 2013

1.   Timothea Biermann: Gray-dient
2.   Ella Buchholz: Broadway Betty
3.   Liz Cooper: Cheshire Cat
4.   Jane McFadden Dorsey: The Weather Cat
5.   Jane McFadden Dorsey: Vincent Van Cat (Drawing Cat)
6.   Kelly D. Finn: Japanese Tea Kitty
7.   Laurie Hansen: Cat Ballou
8.   Mallory Hart: Six Lives
9.   Laura Ingram: Sebastian the Steampunk Cat
10. Betsy Keyser: Barn Cat
11. Wendy M. Luck: Tiffany
12. Karen Mahnken: Lily, the Calla-co Cat
13. Sheila Bobay McFather: Celest, Celestial Cat of the Heavens
14. Krystie Rose Millich: Frida Kat-Lo
15. Sherri J. Moore: Aloha kitty
16. Carla Pawlewicz: Pysanky Aloha
17. Katherine Ross: Betsy the Beautiful
18. Pam Schmidt: KittyFly
19. Bobbi Shupe: Puff ’n’ Friends
20. Becky Enabnit Silver: Pablo Picatso
21. Gloria Pollock: Green Eyed Lady
Check out the video gallery of the new designs - can you name the background song (clue: Cat #21)?

Sponsors are currently being recruited for each artist (first come, first served - so don't delay). Full sponsorship is $450. Sponsorships can again be split. Contact Jane Dorsey if your are interested in learning more: ccsvolunteer@catcaresociety.org