Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Meet the 2013 Tails of the Painted Cats Artists and Take a Sneak Peek at the New Designs

Tails of the Painted Cat Artists - 2013

1.   Timothea Biermann: Gray-dient
2.   Ella Buchholz: Broadway Betty
3.   Liz Cooper: Cheshire Cat
4.   Jane McFadden Dorsey: The Weather Cat
5.   Jane McFadden Dorsey: Vincent Van Cat (Drawing Cat)
6.   Kelly D. Finn: Japanese Tea Kitty
7.   Laurie Hansen: Cat Ballou
8.   Mallory Hart: Six Lives
9.   Laura Ingram: Sebastian the Steampunk Cat
10. Betsy Keyser: Barn Cat
11. Wendy M. Luck: Tiffany
12. Karen Mahnken: Lily, the Calla-co Cat
13. Sheila Bobay McFather: Celest, Celestial Cat of the Heavens
14. Krystie Rose Millich: Frida Kat-Lo
15. Sherri J. Moore: Aloha kitty
16. Carla Pawlewicz: Pysanky Aloha
17. Katherine Ross: Betsy the Beautiful
18. Pam Schmidt: KittyFly
19. Bobbi Shupe: Puff ’n’ Friends
20. Becky Enabnit Silver: Pablo Picatso
21. Gloria Pollock: Green Eyed Lady
Check out the video gallery of the new designs - can you name the background song (clue: Cat #21)?

Sponsors are currently being recruited for each artist (first come, first served - so don't delay). Full sponsorship is $450. Sponsorships can again be split. Contact Jane Dorsey if your are interested in learning more:  

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