Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Safety Tips for Cats of all Colors

Halloween Safety Tips for Cats of all Colors

By Mary Blake, Cat Care Society Volunteer (that's Ebby Blake in the photo)

Did you know that National Cat Day is two days before Halloween?

Celebrate by making sure your kitty is safe over the holiday. Even if you don’t have a black cat, there are several kitty hazards to watch out for in Halloween decorations and treats. Those shiny, crinkly candy wrappers are just the thing to catch kitty’s eye, and they are all too easy to swallow, so please dispose of them promptly. Those plastic pumpkin lights and the accompanying electric cords can be fun to play with too, and so can rolling batteries, so keep both away from swiping paws. Your Jack O’Lantern provides an eerie glow, but pumpkin also eventually grows mold, leading to an upset tummy for the kitty who chews on it. Chocolate is even more toxic to cats and can be fatal.

Noisy trick or treaters ringing the doorbell can upset any kitty. Please keep yours in a closed room so they can’t dart out the door and get hurt or lost. Many times those looking to use cats for “fun” will roam the streets looking for friendly house cats that have been let outside.

Be especially careful to keep any black cat indoors, not just on Halloween, but at this time of year. It’s heartbreaking, but ritual abuse of black cats escalates in October, so most shelters and humane societies, including Cat Care Society, will not adopt out black cats to anyone. So keep your kitty of any color safe and healthy indoors and have a Happy, worry-free Halloween!

Link to the article pdf at the Cat Care Society website

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