Monday, June 17, 2013

Seminar this Saturday: "Is High Anxiety Affecting Your Cat?"

Cat Care Society Monthly Seminar Series - Sat June 22, 2 p.m.

Kerry Muhovich, DVM, presents "High Anxiety - Helping the anxious cat cope with the stressors in its life."

Dr. Muhovich will be answering the most frequently asked questions about common feline stressors, such as:

1) Trips to the veterinarian 

2) Introducing new animals in the home

3) Visitors in the home (house sitters or vacationing guests)

4) Extended absences of an owner from the home (like vacation)

5) Permanent or temporary separation from pets and people that had been in the animal's life

6) Smells in the neighborhood (like the recent smells from the fires)

7) New cats wandering around the lawn

Sat., June 22, 2:00 pm, Cat Care Society Shelter, lower level conference room.

$5 (free for platinum members)

Please RSVP via phone 303.239.9680 or email

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