Friday, March 08, 2013

DBJ: "'Biosimilars' bill may face tougher time in Colorado Senate"

 Quoting from the March 7th online article by Ed Sealover:

"A measure that requires pharmacists to inform doctors when they substitute generic “biosimilars” for name-brand biological drugs flew through the Colorado House by an overwhelming margin last week. But a key senator said Thursday that it may have a harder time making it through her chamber... 

...April Giles, president/CEO of the Colorado Bioscience Association, noted that pharmacists don’t have to inform doctors of the generic/name-brand switch until after it’s made, because the main point of the notification clause is to protect patients. She acknowledged that supporters are concerned about what will happen to the bill when it hits the Senate.

'I think what’s most important to think about is the physican-patient relationship,' Giles said. 'When patients have any concern about the way that drugs are reacting to their body, they tend to go to their doctors to talk about it ... The only way the doctor can do that is to know what drugs the patient has gotten.'"

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