Saturday, March 16, 2013

New Data: 'Denver area bioscience companies are benefiting from renewed interest from investors and partners.'

 New data from Jones Lang LaSalle ranks the Denver area 13th overall in the US Life Science Industry. Quoting:

"Metro wide, nearly 25,000 people are employed in life sciences-related occupations in the Denver area. The largest research facility in Colorado is the Fitzsimons Life Science District, located in Aurora. With swift growth in the industry over the past few years, Fitzsimons has created a central hub for research dedicated to life sciences, healthcare and education...

...The Colorado BioScience Association works to further Metro Denver and Colorado's life sciences community. Aiding this effort are Colorado programs such as grants, sales tax exemptions, and support for start-up companies...

...Northwest Denver (including Boulder) is a growing region for the life sciences industry and has made remarkable progress over the past decade. It is now considered the main bioscience cluster in Colorado, despite the majority of life science companies in this submarket being small in size (5,000 to 15,000 square feet)."

Link to website overview

Download the Denver report

Link to pdf of the full report (Denver area - see pages 46 and 47)

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