Thursday, September 03, 2015

Tails of the Painted Cats 2015: the Cat Care Society Kitten Artists Have Been Hard at Work

Cloud, Margaret, Chris, Craig, Carla and Cora have been busy little kittens the past few months preparing their works of art for the Tails of the Painted Cats Silent Auction.

Here's the rundown of the ten new creations: 

1. Star Wars By Cloud

2. Dance of the Pink Mice By Margaret

3. Rose Garden By Margaret

4. The South of France By Chris

5. Pasture By Craig

6. Let's Party! By Craig

7. Country Lane By Carla

8. A Walk in the Park By Cora

9. First Frost By Carla

10. Moonlit Garden By Cora

View the video gallery of the new Kitten Paintings:

The Kittens were assisted this year by their human assistants: Carla Pawlewicz, Jeannie Menor and Jane Dorsey.

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