Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reminder: 'November is "Adopt a Senior Pet" month'

Quoting from the November 8 Lakewood Pet Examiner by Carrie Dow:

"November is Adopt a Senior Pet month and as the owner of two seniors pets, a 13-year-old Lab and 10-year-old cat who acts like a kitten, I can tell you that senior pets make great pets. And to help you find a slightly older, more mature model four-legged friend, several local shelters are having adoption specials on their special seniors."

Plus Carrie shares four reasons why senior pets make great pets.

She also included information about Cat Care Society:

"The CCS has a Perpet-U-Care adoption program specifically designed for senior cats or cats with chronic medical conditions. Similar to an insurance policy, the Perpet-U-Care program will cover the costs, up to $250 per calendar year, for the medical expenses of a senior cat. This program does not cover annual wellness exams or vaccinations and all treatment must take place at the CCS’ Cat Clinic."

Link to the Lakewood Pet Examiner

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