Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DBJ: 'Fitzsimons authority names 4 board members as it seeks more mature biotechs '

Quoting from the posting by Greg Avery:

"The Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority appointed four well-known bioscience industry leaders to its board Tuesday — including Don Elliman, Colorado’s former head of economic development — as the authority seeks to attract more mature biotech companies to its Aurora campus...

'We really got the industry “A list' — or at least a lot of it,” said Denise Brown, interim director of the Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority (FRA)...

'What we’re not seeing is relocating to the site by more mature companies,' she said. “The board is doubling down and looking into what’s preventing it.”

Vacancies and favorable rent across the metro area — and commercial real estate conditions around the country — make it hard for the FRA to attract larger biotechs. They’d likely have to build their own building because developers can’t finance a speculative building in the current economy, Brown said.

Venture capital investment has slowed in the medical biotech industry as a whole, and larger pharmaceutical companies have been quick to acquire growing mid-sized companies.

But, even with those factors limiting the number of companies the FRA can attract, it expects to do better it has, and adding the industry veterans on its board should help, Brown said."

Link to the Denver Business Journal

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