Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Colorado BioScience Association Launches Internship Program With Support of 11 Employers + Area Universities

The CBSA is launching its new Internship Program with the support of 11 founding employers in the Denver area. The announcement is made by Holli Riebel, CBSA President and CEO, who says: “Our education committee has been working diligently with our member companies and universities for the past six months to develop a program that will be valuable to both the student interns and participating companies as we go forward. We will begin intern recruitment immediately through early spring 2012 with the first interns expected to be placed in positions by summer 2012."

Participating employers, at program launch, include:

* Allosource
* Amgen
* Baxa Corporation
* CaridianBCT, Becoming TerumoBCT
* Colorado BioScience Association
* Colorado Institute for Drug, Device and Diagnostic Development (CID4)
* GlobeImmune
* Merck
* Sandhill Scientific
* Sharklet Technologies
* Tolmar

"In addition to these 'founding employers,' we've had interest from yet another six companies. Our team has been very pleased with the positive response from both employers and our universities," Mark Spiecker, President & CEO of Sharklet Technologies and Chair of the CBSA Education Committee, explains. "Now more than ever, there's an extreme need for university students to obtain real world experience, in addition to their time in the classroom."

Link to the Business Wire Release

Link to the Pitch Engine Social Media Release

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