Monday, November 28, 2011

Cat Care Society's Santa Paws Festival Is Coming To Town: December 2 and 3 with Yummy Baked Goods, Artisan Crafts and Meow Mart Gifts for Your Kitty

The Cat Care Society (CCS), 5787 W. 6th Avenue, will hold its annual "Santa Paws Festival," Friday, December 2 (noon to 5:30 p.m.) and Saturday, December 3 (9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.). The announcement is made by Jane Dorsey, Cat Care Society Volunteer Coordinator, who says "The Santa Paws Festival is a holiday tradition at our cat shelter in Lakewood, and the time when our dedicated volunteers show off their amazing baking skills, helping raise funds for our cat residents."

During Santa Paws, Cat Care Society patrons and supporters shop at both the Cajun's Closet Thrift Shop, located next door to the shelter, and Meow Mart, inside the shelter, for cat gifts like the 'must have' Catnip Banana before venturing downstairs to The Cat Clinic waiting area, which is transformed into a veritable Sweet Shop for the Festival. "Quite simply," Dorsey explains, "It’s the best bake sale in the history of the world—really! And, this year we will also be featuring a Mini Craft Fair with jewelry and assorted artisan items for sale. Plus, we'll serve refreshments, including Santa Paw's famous Cathouse Champagne Punch."

Favorites at the Santa Paws Festival Bake Sale include homemade candies, cookies, bar cookies, pies, jams, jellies, home canned items (such as pickles), boxed cupcakes, Bundt cakes, spiced nuts, and FUDGE—all kinds of fudge. "Our Santa Paws' volunteer bakers are known for their creative and beautiful packaging, and many shoppers use purchases as hostess gifts at Holiday parties and potlucks," Dorsey said.

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