Tuesday, January 28, 2014

King Soopers Shopping For Cats: What's In Your Wallet?

The past month produced $11,540 of sales to King Soopers from Cat Care Society reloadable card users, resulting in a $577 payment to Cat Care Society.

To date, Cat Care Society supporters using the CCS King Soopers gift cards have purchased $305,803 worth of groceries, and have produced $15,302 funds for CCS.

During 2013, the program brought in $6,835 to Cat Care Society from the King Soopers reloadable shopping card program. It was the best year yet. Cat Care Society has been on the program for 2.5 years now.

If you need a card, they're available at the Cat Care Society shelter front desk for $25. Then as you shop and spend the funds down, you can reload the card again (any amount...as much as you'll need for shopping) at your own King Soopers store.

Many thanks to all who are participating in the program and helping the Cat Care Society cats!

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