Monday, January 27, 2014

Adoption Tales from Cat Care Society's Forever Homes: January 2014

Mason - (formerly the CCS seminar manager, pictured) - loves to sit in a cardboard box with his blanket. He likes to be with his people pets and chats them up. He already wore out his string toys and needs more. Mason shares his home with a 10-year-old female kitty and the owners are making slow and gradual introductions.

Marco and Josie - “Malomar” and “Buttercup” were taken to Woofs-n-Hoofs and adopted together shortly after. Both cats love the laser pointer and teasers. “Malomar” will follow the owner around and “Buttercup” has grown fond of the female adopter’s brother.

Nick and Prairie – are now “Nick and Nora” and moved into the new home with ease. Both are described as excellent lap cats and very affectionate. They have an 8 year old male cat roommate who is a bit stand-offish and quickly established the pecking order with them.

Cinnamon - “Julius” is adjusting to his 3 younger cat sisters. He likes to chase and play with energy and leaves his toys out at night.

Emmitt and Kaley - are now named “Nutmeg and Daisy”. Daisy was a bit more curious about exploring and Nutmeg likes to sleeps on the older daughter’s bed to avoid the screaming human toddler in the home. Perhaps with his paws over his ears? Both kitties love the feather wand toy.

Glenda - immediately got into her owner’s lap after being let out of the carrier. She is described as a “lover and a sweetheart”. Glenda loves cat nip that makes her eyes roll up in pure pleasure.

Ipo - likes to be friendly with visitors that come to the house and loves being with her owner all day. She hid under the desk the first day and then was sneaking around at night when she thought the owner was sleeping.
Zena - got used to her new home immediately and they think she is one great cat.

Caroline - likes to lay on the couch and isn’t shy. She enjoys and scratching and sitting on her cardboard scratching pads.

Irving - is now “Brandy” and owned his new environment in less than five minutes and makes for a great lap cat. He also likes to window watch and rest on his cat tree.

Chewy - was described as the perfect cat and very affectionate. He shares his home with an 18 year old SF cat and both share the owner’s bed.

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