Monday, April 22, 2013

Denver Animal Examiner - CCS in Cat Fancy Kittens USA + April Seminar on Stopping Animal Cruelty

 John Davidson, Denver Animal Examiner, included Cat Care Society in recent posts...

This Saturday April 27 -- Seminar at Cat Care Society - Chris Padilla, an animal control officer with Jefferson County, will be with us to discuss what animal cruelty is, what to do if you suspect animal cruelty, and how Animal Control handles these situations, including how Animal Control works with shelters to keep animals safe. Link to the posting

April 14th Examiner: PETS FOR THOSE 55 PLUS - If you're 55 or over, you qualify for a free, Purina-funded cat adoption at the Cat Care Society while funds are available. Bring in this flyer to participate - link to the posting

April 15th Examiner: CAT CARE SOCIETY FEATURED - Lakewood's Cat Care Society is featured in Kittens USA 2014, a nationally distributed publication. Dusty Rainbolt's article "Finding Your Purr-fect Love" -- pages 36-43 -- includes the sidebar, "One Kitten or Two?" featuring Cat Care Society's Adoption Manager Abbi Collins and a story about former CCS Cat Resident Smokey Joe. Plus, CCS Alum Koi's story and quote from Abbi are in the "Are You Ready for a Kitten?" section. A wrap up quote from Abbi is found at the end of the article. Link to the posting

Many thanks to John Davidson for sharing Cat Care Society News!

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