Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cat Care Society in Cat Fancy's 'Kittens USA' 2014 Annual

 Make sure to check your newsstand for the new Kittens USA 2014.
Colorado's own Cat Care Society was featured in the nationally distributed publication.

Dusty Rainbolt's article "Finding Your Purr-fect Love" -- pages 36-43 -- includes the sidebar, "One Kitten or Two?" exclusively featuring Cat Care Society's Adoption Manager Abbi Collins and a story about former CCS Cat Resident Smokey Joe. Plus, CCS Alum Koi's story and quote from Abbi are in the "Are You Ready for a Kitten?" section. A wrap up quote from Abbi is found at the end of the article.

Cat Care Society is also included in two of the "Kitty Directory" listings:

1) Animal welfare societies and organizations - page 115

2) Cat retirement homes and programs -- organizations take in or find homes for pets whose owners have died or become incapacitated and unable to care for them (with advance planning) - page 117

Here's the link to the issue overview -- Kittens USA 2014 is on sale through June 17, 2013.

Happy Reading!

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