Monday, November 26, 2012 'Colorado BioScience Association Announces Finalists for 'Rising Star of the Year' Company at its Annual Awards Celebration in December'

Quoting from the November 13th posting:

"Colorado BioScience Association (CBSA) has released the finalists for the 'Rising Star of the Year' company award at its Annual Awards Dinner Celebration -- Thursday, December 6, at the Hyatt Convention Center, 650 15th Street, Denver. The announcement is made by April Giles, CBSA President and CEO, who says finalists for this year's outstanding emerging company, 'Rising Star of the Year,' include:

-- InDevR, Inc., Boulder,
-- Mosaic Biosciences, Aurora and Boulder,  
-- Sophono, Inc., Boulder,  
-- Surefire Medical, Inc., Westminster,

'Our Rising Star award is designated for an emerging company that has announced a major achievement during the year,' Giles explains. 'We're so very proud of our younger bioscience companies in the state and feel it's particularly important to showcase those companies experiencing an outstanding year. We had a number of amazing nominees this year to consider in selecting the finalists, but only one company will win.'"

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