Saturday, November 24, 2012

Examiner: "Cat Care Society announces artist lineup for 2013 'Tails of the Painted Cats'"

Quoting DC Cats Examiner, Sarah Hearn:

"Cat Care Society (CCS) has released the artists selected by its jurors to create the 2013 'Tails of the Painted Cats' lineup of one-of-a-kind, larger-than-life artwork cats, their unique design concepts and sponsors. The announcement was made Nov. 17 through a press release."

Link to

CCS Board VP and TOPC Committee Member commented:

"Thank you, Sarah, for helping spread the word. Cat Care Society is based in Lakewood, Colorado. During last year's Tails of the Painted Cats we had advanced bids from as far away as Calgary, Canada. And in the states, Las Vegas, Nevada. A winner does need to pick their artwork cat from the shelter or pay shipping and handling charges to get the art cat to them. Your readers can stay apprised on the project at -- again our thanks for your posting!"

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