Sunday, February 07, 2010

Reminder: Feb 15 Deadline for CID4 Letters of Intent

The Colorado Institute for Drug Device and Diagnostic Development (CID4) encourages life science entities in need of funding to submit letters of intent by February 15th deadline.

CID4 is in the midst of its initial technology solicitation and the interest from Colorado bioscience companies has been high. “We encourage all entities which are pursuing life science product technologies and are in need of funding and management support to submit a letter of intent by the deadline – February 15, 2010,” says Kevin M. Smith, CID4 EVP/COO and spokesperson.

“Details of CID4 participation in any individual technology development project will need to be individually negotiated”, says Richard C. Duke, Ph.D., CID4 President/CEO. “We would not want to miss an opportunity to add our support to an ongoing effort because an existing entity self-determined that they were not eligible for the program”’ Duke continued.

Link to complete information and the submission form

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