Monday, February 22, 2010

CID4's first funding solicitation deadline is March 1st

From w3w3's Larry Nelson recapping his interview with CID4's Rick Duke and Kevin Smith:

"Kevin added, 'Back in late October when we last talked, we were poised to start operations, doing a lot of planning but we hadn't really started yet. The good news is since then we've finalized our grants with the State of Colorado and our grant with the Fitzsimmons Redevelopment Authority and we're ready to start operations. We've actually launched that first solicitation for technology. But in order to do that we've brought together a business and technical advisory committee consisting of some of the top leaders in the State of Colorado, both in the financing of early stage companies as well as folks with understanding of the medical drug technology development process and the medical device technology process.'"

"Larry asked, 'Rick could you tell us about the solicitation process and what kind of investments you're actually looking for?' 'We have a solicitation process that involves a very simple and straight forward application that's available on our web site and it's open for private companies as well as research institutions or even individual inventors to submit. The caveat is we are looking for technologies that are ready to enter clinical development.' Submissions are due March 1, 2010 and commercialization is a key word."

Link to the site (posted 2/22/10)

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