Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Video Highlights: BioWest 2014, Marriott City Center, Denver

BioWest 2014 Video Highlights

Founders Breakfast Health and Wellness Panel: Introductions By Steve VanNurden - http://youtu.be/23faLOw30ac

Health/Wellness Panel: Jandel Allen-Davis on the Kaiser Model - http://youtu.be/qzUO1_QayvI

Health/Wellness Panel: James Hill on Extreme Weight Loss TV - http://youtu.be/p2xukgmHKRI

Health/Wellness Panel: Len Tacconi on What Works - http://youtu.be/dL3ddy08DPA

C-Level Unplugged: Larry Gold, Chairman of the Board, SomaLogic - http://youtu.be/j8EiWcLkkzQ
C-Level Unplugged: Shar Matin, COO, Spectranetics - http://youtu.be/BIxzpNwmI_0
CEO Panel: Bill Aldrich, CEO, EndoShape - http://youtu.be/T-mLI0GM7mo

CEO Panel: David Brunel, CEO, Biodesix - http://youtu.be/hRaO0zao-yc

CEO Panel: Byron Hewett, CEO, SomaLogic - http://youtu.be/W501l9z6FEo

BioTalks Excerpt: Jonathan Norris – Investments, Exits - http://youtu.be/8s3pjDmqscU

BioTalks Excerpt: David Gary, Clinical Trials Ethics - http://youtu.be/7g6V7082kr0

BioTalks Excerpt: Iya Khalil on Big Data Healthcare - http://youtu.be/QFuad4jPIEE

BioTalks Excerpt: Robert Atkinson, How Colorado Ranks - http://youtu.be/AJ8mYHWm-o8

BioTalks Excerpt: Rhea May, Superbugs - http://youtu.be/fGon5MgE6qs

BioTalks Excerpt: Larry Blankenship, Valley of Death - http://youtu.be/ZgfeTYvNxw0

BioTalks Excerpt: Mark Sirangelo, Innovation in Colorado - http://youtu.be/iUhM1WL3DeQ

BioTalks Excerpt: Lindsay Guerdrum, Beer Bioscience - http://youtu.be/YWuXZ1AmWzM

Russell Slifer – About the USPTO - http://youtu.be/T8Up-0LcwAY

Russell Slifer – USPTO Rocky Mtn Regional Office - http://youtu.be/WlgkRDM0Ue0
Venture Showcase Sponsors and Judges http://youtu.be/N2MwTev0rLk

dBMEDx Winning Venture Showcase Presentation - http://youtu.be/TUoQK71wPEU

KromaTiD Venture Showcase Presentation - http://youtu.be/QHnrLHNo3D8

Mighty Oak Medical Venture Showcase Presentation - http://youtu.be/r9oYdewEbvk

FDA Commissioner Hamburg Opening Remarks to Closing Keynote - http://youtu.be/3Wkqls_9zuw

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