Sunday, September 07, 2014

It's #MiceBucketChallenge for Cat Care Society on Facebook

It's #MiceBucketChallenge for Cat Care Society on Facebook.

Particulars: Load up a bucket with your soft mice toys, make a video of your cat taking the challenge by ever so gently dumping them on your cat (similar to the recent #IceBucketChallenge for ALS), challenge other kitties to do the same and, most important, make a donation to Cat Care Society in Lakewood, Colorado. We're suggesting a minimum $10 donation for each challenge. You can donate online at - here's the link: - or you can mail or drop a check by the shelter during business hours: 5787 W. 6th Ave., Lakewood, CO 80214. Remember to make sure you let us know your donation is for #MiceBucketChallenge. If you don't Facebook (or make videos), please still consider donating to help the shelter cats in Lakewood by participating in the Cat Care Society #MiceBucketChallenge. Thank you!

Sample videos:

Calico Rita

Munchkin Cat Corporal Reggie Waddle

Lynx Point Siamese Mix Bombay
 (He'd posted his #MiceBucketChallenge before Reggie did his. Corporal Reggie didn't know when he challenged his friend Bombay in his video.)

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