Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Viewpoint: 'Passage of Start-up Jobs and Innovation Act critical to Colorado economy'

Quoting from the April 20th DBJ in an opinion piece by GlobeImmune's Tim Rodell:

"With more than 600 bioscience companies located in Colorado and employment topping 27,000 people in this growing industry, it is safe to say that Colorado has the potential to become a major hub for next generation, life-changing innovations.

But we will not reach this point if we do not address the critical issues faced by the small, R&D-focused companies that are creating these new technologies...

...U.S. Sens. Robert Menendez and Pat Toomey have taken an important step by introducing the Start-up Jobs and Innovation Act, which has the potential to greatly increase investment in innovative R&D and support our nation’s small businesses...

... According to the Colorado BioScience Association, for every one job created in Colorado’s bioscience industry, four direct and indirect jobs are created. Based on these projections, this legislation could have a striking impact on Colorado’s economy...

...The Start-up Jobs and Innovation Act will ensure that we continue to attract the highest caliber researchers and have the capital necessary to fund their groundbreaking research. I urge Colorado’s delegation in Congress to support this vital legislation."

Link to the Denver Business Journal

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