Thursday, May 01, 2014

Cat Care Society Partners with to raise funds to help Shelter Kitty Wakko

Help Us Help Wakko!

You may know Wakko - Cat Care Society's darling teenage kitty in need of medical tests to better diagnose what we believe to be a birth defect. This defect is in his nasal passage, and it prevents him from breathing easily.

Initial estimates for just the diagnostics, not treatment, have been around $3,500. Again, that's just for tests and diagnosis. Treatment, if reasonable treatment is available, will cost additional funds, and we cannot estimate those until we fully understand what we're dealing with.

CCS has partnered with to help us raise funds to cover the cost of Wakko's diagnostic tests. 100% of your gift will go to Wakko's diagnostic test costs - does not keep a percentage of your donation.

And the best news - the board of directors has designated up to $1,000 to be used as a matching gift. All gifts will be matched by the board (up to the $1,000 value of the matching gift fund).

Link to make a donation at 

Link to Wakko's Adoption Profile

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