Monday, March 05, 2012

Castle Pines Connection: 'Raining cats and more cats'

Quoting from the February 28th article:

"Are you an animal person? More specifically, are you a cat person? There are many lovable kitties who are sadly homeless, just waiting for a new family to come along and call them their own. Cat Care Society (CCS) in Lakewood is one such shelter, and it is where Castle Pines resident and devout cat lover Kyle Herbertson has been volunteering for the past ten years. She helps her feline friends find new homes.

One of many shelters and rescues in the Denver metro area, CCS is a shelter for homeless, injured and abused cats. CCS provides a temporary refuge for up to 45 adult cats until an appropriate and permanent home can be found. The cats are provided with veterinary care, good food, and plenty of loving human interaction. Potential adopters are carefully screened, and special effort is made to match the adopter with just the right feline for their family."

Link to the article

Group photo ID (L-R): Abbi Collins (staff), Judy Williams (volunteer), Kyle Herbertson (volunteer), Dave Genco (staff), Wesley Phillips (volunteer) and Dorothy Ruxton (staff). The kitty on the counter is Abigail.

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