Monday, March 05, 2012

Aurora Sentinel: 'Don Elliman taking the reigns of CU Denver & Aurora campuses with continued focus on expanding mission of Anschutz & Fitzsimons'

Quoting from the February 29 article:

"This month, Elliman, 67, took on the role of University of Colorado Denver’s interim chancellor for the university’s Aurora and Denver campuses, an administrative post that puts him in charge of two bustling academic centers. When it comes to the university’s medical campus in Aurora, the former chief operating officer for Gov. Bill Ritter sees a very specific route forward, a path tied closely to the looming changes in national health care...

As he steps into his new role, Elliman said he’s bringing all of this experience to bear. What’s more, he’ll have help at Anschutz from Vice-Chancellor Lilly Marks, a top dean for finance and administration at the university’s School of Medicine and the executive director of University Physicians Inc. who started in her current role in 2010...

'I intend to be involved at the Anschutz campus. It’s something that I care deeply about,' Elliman said. 'I don’t intend to be a stranger. Lilly and I are both on the FRA board, which I will continue to do.'"

Link to the Aurora Sentinel

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