Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Cat Care Society Staff Favorites: Mr. Chester & Sapphire -- An Awesome Pair Together

Chester and Sapphire came to Cat Care Society in March 2011 because their owner passed away the day after Christmas. They were very well loved in their home, and their personalities show it!
Sapphire (grey) is very active and outgoing. She loves to run up and down the hallways, and will seek out people to get petting from. She is very busy and keeps herself entertained. She enjoys string and little things that she can chase and bat around. Sapphire is a sweet girl and would be a fantastic addition to any family.

Mr. Chester is mellow, laid-back, and easygoing. He accepts life’s challenges with aplomb. Chester loves attention and gets very excited for brushing. He especially loves to have his ample rear brushed! He will talk to you and update you on the household affairs, and he is VERY good at keeping your lap warm. You will not find a more affectionate (or handsome) guy!

Take a look at Mr. Chester & Sapphire last month while they were still living on the CCS lower level where The Cat Clinic is located -- now they're upstairs (patiently waiting for their forever home)...


Mr. Chester's Petfinder Profile

Sapphire's Petfinder Profile

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