Friday, February 11, 2011

"Democrats: Prove that incentives create jobs...Focus on results"

Quoting from the Feb 11 article by Ed Sealover:

"Bill proponents may point to a Feb. 2 report from the Colorado BioScience Association. In it, the CBSA stated that the state’s 3-year-old Bioscience Discovery Evaluation Grant Program, in which Colorado gives money to help bring university-created products to market, has created 598 jobs, resulting in $44 million in payroll.

Holli Baumunk, CBSA president and CEO, said her organization wrote the report because if it proved it leveraged the money well, the state might provide more funding.

She believes that other industries can and will produce such reports as the competition rises for tax expenditures.

'It’s just showing people that this is a great investment,' Baumunk said. 'And also, we want to make sure we show a good return on investment, because we’re going after further help.'

Link to the article at the Denver Business Journal website

Link to complete information about the Bioscience Discovery Evaluation Grant Program at the CBSA website

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