Friday, February 11, 2011

"Medical device makers oppose manufacturing tax"

Quoting from the Feb 11 article by Greg Avery:

"The CBSA has joined Washington, D.C.-based trade groups such as MDMA and AdvaMed in urging the state’s and other congressional delegations to repeal the tax, and to make other adjustments to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), though the industry supports many of its features.

Drug makers have particular concerns about one part of the ACA. The law creates a panel of presidential appointees with the power to alter reimbursement levels for drugs sold through Medicare and Medicaid, and the ability to appeal the panel’s decision isn’t defined, said Holli Baumunk, president and CEO of the CBSA.

Because of legislation in Congress to repeal or alter parts of the act, and a federal court fight over whether the government can require people to buy health insurance, there’s a lot of uncertainty clouding U.S. bioscience — and that undermines the country’s lead in the field, she said.

'People are trying to get a read on what will happen, and there’s just too many unknowns,' Baumunk said. 'Nationally, we see companies looking at developing [new products] in Europe and Asia first because they don’t know what’ll happen here.'"

Link to the Denver Business Journal article online

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