Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February News From Cat Care Society's Forever Home Kitties

Zeke (pictured when he was on Petline9 with Suellen Scott in January) – is happy and relaxed and likes his balls with bells and cat tree. He shares his home with another senior kitty that shows interest in him and they do well with each other.

Pinky - “Tony” immediately laid down next to the owner’s 13-year-old son to watch TV and likes to knead people’s stomachs. Tony begs for attention and likes to be around his new family and gets along great with 13-year-old cat sister.

Tic and Toe - “Tic-Tac and Toe” Both were a little timid at first but now welcome affection. Both cats prefer the dogs company, but owner keeps them away from the hedge hog just in case they think he is fun toy but find out just how prickly he is!

Doris - “Mia” claimed the whole house within 48 hours. She is an only child and likes to play with the throw rug on the kitchen floor.

Taylor – one of our teens now shares his home with a 1-year-old cat sister close to his age and they do everything together, making Taylor come out of his shell.

Charlene - “Charley” transitioned smoothly and loves to be petted and likes her crinkle balls from the shelter. She also likes to be on the very top of a tall cat tower and is roommates with an 11 year old male and 8-year-old female cat.

Andrew – our fireball of energy is still curious and playful in his new home. His owner likes to play with him using small balls and ribbon. He is still making gradual introductions with the slightly older cat. Andrew likes to pull out a toy bunny and wrestle it to the ground.

Petunia – explored every nook and cranny of her house then hid under the bed until 2 a.m. until her new mom got up and since then has followed her every move. She is playful and selects her toys from a basket and uses her turbo scratcher.

Murphy – is another lover of the cat tower uses it for basking in the sun. He sleeps with the youngest daughter and is curious about the older daughter’s bath tub. Perhaps Murphy needs a Calgon moment? Especially after sleeping next to the family dog.

Kiki and Kyrie - “Loki and Tula” have adjusted well. They worked with a pet communicator and Loki told her that he likes his new name much better and Tula likes eating healthy but Loki would love the junk food. Both cats enjoy window watching and have resumed napping with each other again.

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