Friday, November 01, 2013

More Happy Cats: October Forever Home Updates from Cat Care Society

Bailey - is your typical lap cat and likes to follow his owner around to see what he is up to and loves to play with shiny objects like a toddler. 

Boss - definitely lives up to his name. He jumped out of the carrier the first day and took over the house. This sounds like a dictatorship not a democracy. Boss and his owner are very bonded. He will listen for the garage door to open up and knows when his owner arrives and likes to ride on his owner’s shoulders. This cat is the real master of his domain.

Chewy - goes by “Jerome” and likes to be approached slowly for pets. He is a little bit timid but is coming around.

Teva - Her new name is Hel (pronounced heel) which comes from a Norse god who rules the underworld realm. After exploring the whole house in thirty minutes she made herself comfortable. She enjoys chasing fast moving objects, shoe laces, and posters. She dreams of being a feline pin up.

Joki - goes by Smokey. He hid for a couple days then came out and was found sitting on the back of the couch. He likes gentle contact and stroking along his face and then finally worked his way up to his owner’s lap for more affection. His toy collection includes furry mice and a teaser for active play.

Many thanks to Karlyn Mendez, CCS Adoption Desk, for the great news!

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