Monday, October 21, 2013

Xconomy: 'Clovis Oncology CEO Mahaffy Opens Up About Company’s Turbulent Year'

Quoting from the Oct 17th article by Michael Davidson:

"Seeing your cornerstone product 'fail spectacularly' and then your stock price climb more than 300 percent within eight months makes for an interesting year. But it’s nothing to get overly worked up about, according to Clovis Oncology CEO Patrick Mahaffy.

Clovis (NASDAQ: CLVS) is a biotech company based in Boulder, CO. The four-year-old company specializes in acquiring, developing, and commercializing cancer treatments.

Clovis has seen those lows and highs over the past year, and a few weeks ago Xconomy interviewed Mahaffy at a conference hosted by the Colorado BioScience Association."

Link to the article

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