Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sept/Oct Forever Home Updates from Cat Care Society Alumni

Congratulations to these Cat Care Kitties on finding their forever homes recently!

Nicoli - Has a cute nerdy name of Dexter and loves checking out squirrels from the window. His owner also adopted Chowder from CCS a few weeks back and they are gradually becoming friends. Dexter likes to play with the cat dancer wand toy and hiding a stuffed mouse in the house.

Ludo - His new name is Monty and the owner describes him as very loving and mellow. He doesn’t care too much for being picked up but likes to sit by her for his daily dose of petting.

Prissy - Is now Daisy and she was adopted by an older woman. She loves laps and affection and likes to be her owner’s shadow by following her around the house which she shares with a 10 year old male cat.

Hedwig - likes having her own bedroom and the handmade cat nip pouches her owner gives and shares her space (but not her room!) with two 4 year old dogs.

Moekie - is now Kathryn the Grey but will settle for the nickname Kate. She loves her owner’s lap, shredded Friskies, and her special blanket on the couch.

Bennie - was our special needs kitten who was born with some birth defects concerning a defective abdominal wall and bowed rear leg. He is a frisky little guy with a big name of Sir Archer Funny-Foot and gives off a super purr for his new home.

Laurel and Hardy - These two partners in crime now go by the name Molly and Pete. They stayed in the owner’s guest room for the first few day and then explored the house together. They are described as being sweet and affectionate to family and friends. Their favorite past time is window watching and batting at the window prisms that hang nearby to be entertained by the reflective designs that dance on the walls.

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