Monday, August 26, 2013

August Adoptions: Happy Tales (and Tails) For CCS Cats At Their Forever Homes

Here are our adoption follow ups on some of our older adult cats in the shelter for the month of August (thanks to Shelter Assistant Karlyn Mendez for the overview):

Bakti and Pi came into our shelter under our Lifetime Care Program this past June. Bakti is 17 and Pi 15 years of age and they were adopted by our longtime volunteer Barb Kane. They live in the back bedroom of her house and doing good. She keeps them separate from her other resident cats since Bakti can be a grumpy old lady and has her moments but Pi could eventually be integrated with the others since she is a bit more easy going. They enjoy a cat nip toy and scratching post that was bought from Meow Mart and window watching from their posts and enjoy pets and a good lap. Bakti loves giving hugs.

Gizmo was adopted by a young woman and she kept his name because it fitted him. He is the only pet in the house and is doing great and becoming more sociable and at ease. He sleeps with his owner and likes to bat around foil crinkle balls and likes to lounge on the couch and check out sights from the window. He also has a fondness of kneading the owner’s book bag.

Nip was a younger adult at 1 year and her new name is “Erin”. She was adopted by an older woman. “Erin” likes to be read to and enjoys watching old movies. She loves everybody that comes to visit at the house. She had some litterbox issues in her last home but hasn’t had any issues since her second adoption. She enjoys playing with a laser mouse, cat nip, balls, and any toy she can chase around the floor. Her owner is stocking up on laser mice since “Erin” hid the last one. Doing great with the owner’s older male cat and act like best friends.

Edison - “Peyton” was adopted by a senior woman and her adult son. “Peyton” hid the first day behind the TV the first day he came to his new home but got in the cat toy box later that night and decided to have some fun. The next morning he decided to come out and greet the family for his food and is now more comfortable. He likes to be vocal to her gym bag and he has very polite manners and waits for owner’s permission to see if it is ok to jump on the furniture or her lap. He is very attentive and loving. Sleeps during the day and plays at night.

Lacey -“Lucy” grabbed the eye of a senior retired couple who travel back and forth to Florida and Colorado and previously adopted from us a 10 year old NM cat. Her owners say she is having fun and doing well. They describe her as “quite a pill” and like to wander around the house and follow her owners. She tolerates the male cat as long as he doesn’t get in her personal bubble. Occasionally plays with toy mice but really prefers petting. She is loosing some weight which she needs since she is a bit on the heavy side and owners are watching her diet.

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