Friday, December 28, 2012

Hello, We're Minou and Cha Cha -- Named by La Petite Ecole Students

In November, seven students from the home-based French/English kindergarten pre-school, La Petite Ecole, in Aurora raised $25 in change and gave 40 lbs. of litter, a new rubber backed rug, two large boxes of trash bags, two bags of kitten chow, one large bottle of bleach, eight rolls of paper towels, 24 cans of Friskies cat food, and a package of small paper plates to Cat Care Society.

For the cash donation, the class participated in Cat Care Society's 'Hello, My Name Is' name our cats program ($10 per name). They chose Minou (min-oo) and Cha Cha (sha sha), and the next kitties to be admitted to the shelter arrived 12/16/12... and we're named accordingly.

These cuties were adopted the same day they went into the Kitten Room on December 22nd... sending Suellen into immediate action to get their photos taken.

Minou and Cha Cha have a condition known as Cerebellar Hypoplasia which affects their motor control and coordination. They are very wobbly and fall over at times if they move to fast. It is similar to Parkinson's Disease in humans. They can live a normal long happy life just like any other kittens. They love to sit in your lap and they just purr and purr. They batted balls and string toys around during play sessions. When they are tired they curl up together in a bed, it's the cutest thing ever. They will be able to look out for each other and comfort each other.

A big thank you to Ray and Kelsey for opening their hearts and home to these beautiful babies. We wish them all the best and a long healthy life. Special thanks to La Petite Ecole for naming these precious little girls.

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