Sunday, June 03, 2012

Cat Care Society's awesome Painted Cats are at Denver's Santa Fe galleries during June

The 2012 'Tails of the Painted Cats,' the Cat Care Society's (CCS) lineup of one-of-a-kind, larger-than-life artwork cats - created by accomplished area artists - will be on display at Denver's 'Art District on Santa Fe' for the month of June, debuting at the District's First Friday Art Walk on June 1. The announcement is made by CCS President Diane Stoner, who says, "Our Painted Cats will be hosted at ten galleries throughout the Art District on Santa Fe. Last year, we raised more than our $30,000 goal, and hope to do the same or better with our project this year." Here's where you'll find the Painted Cats on Santa Fe during June:

Denver Photo Art Gallery - 833 Santa Fe Drive
Bridal Henna Cat by Kathy Burton and Helios by Karen R. Mahnken

Grace Gallery of Fine Art - 877 Santa Fe Drive
Colorado Calico by Ashley Conroy and C is for Cat by Liz Cooper

Ginny Abblett Fine Art - 910 Santa Fe Drive
Sushi Chef by Shirlee Akemi Miyake

Fabric Bliss - 828 Santa Fe Drive Crazy Quilt Cat by Joan A. Lee

EventGallery 910Arts - 910 Santa Fe Drive
Little Roar by Jane McFadden Dorsey
Hibiscat by Carla Pawlewicz
Soleil by Gail Firmin
Casino Kate: The Cat by K. Ross
Misty by Pam Schmidt
Claudia Monette by Jane McFadden Dorsey (Claudia is our 2012 Drawing Cat and will be present only at the First Friday Art Walk)

Niza Knoll Gallery - 915 Santa Fe Drive
Unity by Sara Nevadomski

Co-Art Gallery - 846 Santa Fe Drive
Toulouse Le Chat by Cam Williams Pearls & Lilies by BW Sharp

Buxiejo Gallery - 718 Santa Fe Drive
Meowscarade by Pam Schmidt Cat Masquerade by Melanie Gwendahlin Keyes

Artists on Santa Fe - 747 Santa Fe Drive Rudi by Bonnie Wilber

CORE New Art Space - 900 Santa Fe Drive The RubaiyCat of Omar Siam by Kathryn Jackson

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