Friday, September 30, 2011

Cat Care Society's Mickie and Scooter - 'Please Adopt Us Both!'

Today's the last day of September and we wanted to give one last cyber shout out about lovable Mickie & Scooter - siblings, both brown/tabby mix.

Here's what Mickie (pictured left) has to say: "Hello, my name is Mickie – and that's Scooter, my kid sister, who’s bigger than me. We just turned one year old, and for our birthdays, the staff made us Cats of the Month. When we were kittens, we were found stray – at McDonald’s! My paw was crushed, and not in good shape at all, so the Cat Care clinic had to amputate it after we got here. After that we went to a really good home, but in a few months they had to give us up, so they brought us back to Cat Care Society. Now we are looking for a new home. I really don’t want to be separated from my sister! Please adopt us both!! But before you do, let me tell you about us. I am the calm one. I like to play, but I enjoy the finer things in life also, like being held and purring in someone’s lap. I will stand up on my hind legs for you to pick me up. My sister, Scooter, is a bit more… spirited. She loves to play, play, play – and run, don’t forget run! She also likes to interrupt."

Scooter chimes in: "Hey, I can’t help it if I’m bubbly. And I’m more talkative than Mickie, anyway. I should do the bio. Well I’m the intelligent one, so hush. It’s true, you know. I like books like Homer’s Odyssey while Scooter never made it past Curious George!"

They both say: "Come by and meet us. We promise it will be worth your while!"

Link to information about Mickie

Link to information about Scooter

Link to Cat Care Society Adoption Information

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