Monday, July 11, 2011

DBJ Premium Content: "Working from home? - Be aware of liability issues before they sideline your business"

Quoting from the July 8th Denver Business Journal section, The Home Office:

“'It’s peace of mind,' Maggie Chamberlin Holben said of why she has liability coverage. Her insurance costs about $250 a year, and the home-based public relations consultant doesn’t have to worry if someone trips over her tripod while she’s recording video for a client...Holben has had clients, often those who receive state or federal funds, who require she carry liability insurance. She’s even gone so far as to get professional liability insurance, or an errors and omissions policy.

Her carrier requires that she indemnify herself in each contract, and the insurance is costly — several thousand dollars a year — but again, she said, it goes back to peace of mind."

Link to the Denver Business Journal article by Amy Bryer

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