Monday, September 20, 2010

CBSA Pres/CEO Holli Baumunk Interviewed on 9News about BioWest 2010 - Coming Sept 29-30 to Denver's Grand Hyatt

Holli Baumunk, CBSA President & CEO, interviewed with 9News Business Reporter Gregg Moss this morning about the upcoming BioWest event, Sept 29-30, at Denver's Grand Hyatt. Here are some fast facts about the 2010 Biowest Conference & Expo from Holli...

• The big news this year is that we have CSU's Temple Grandin as the keynote speaker at our Awards Dinner on the evening of the 29th.

• Dr. Grandin is an animal science professor at CSU and the HBO movie of her life story just won seven Emmy Awards.

• Ag bio is an important part of the bioscience industry and Dr. Grandin has one of the most compelling stories to tell about her work with cattle and her challenges and victories as a person with autism.

• We're just thrilled to have Dr. Grandin with us this year during BioWest -- a very special year for her...and all of us...with the Emmy honors just occurring.

• BioWest is our annual 2-day gathering of the Bioscience industry in the Rocky Mountain Region with over 300 companies coming together to discuss the latest news and trends in the industry.

• This is our 8th year running.

• Speakers include the National Venture Association, the FDA as well as leaders in pharma, biotech and medical devices.

• BioWest will again include a special competition called the Venture Showcase.

• The Venture Showcase is a highlight of the conference where four emerging Colorado companies compete in front of a Venture Capital panel. The winner is announced at our awards dinner and receives a $7,500 prize from the Dorsey and Whitney law firm.

• CBSA also announces industry awards at the dinner.

• Bioscience was one of the few industries, along with Cleantech, that grew in Colorado last year.

• The Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industry grew at a faster rate than the national average at 4.9% in 2009 and 21% over the last five years.

• There are over 400 bioscience companies employing over 17,000 employees in Colorado.

• Innovation is a key economic driver in Bioscience. For ever $1 that is invested in a Research Institution, $32 goes back into the local economy.

• To recap, BioWest 2010 is Sept 29th and 30th at the Denver Grand Hyatt - information and registration is available at

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