Monday, December 07, 2009

The Denver Business Journal's Greg Avery revisits Accelr8 in the Dec 4th issue

"The Accelr8 of today isn’t the company it once was. That may be why it’s still around.

The Denver-based medical device company has survived three economic downturns since it launched in the recession of 1982, emerging with a different business model each time."

Pictured is Thomas Geimer, chairman and CEO of Accelr8 Technology Corp. Jacinta Schraufnagel is working in the lab (Business Journal photo by Kathleen Lavine).

The CBSA President & CEO John Collar had this to say in the article about the challenge of finding new funding:

"It’s a classic predicament in the medical device industry, which is filled with small companies creating technology on unpredictable budgets, said John Collar, CEO and president of Colorado BioScience Association trade group.

It’s what he calls the 'high pucker factor' of the business.

'You’re spending money you don’t have, and you probably don’t know where more will come from when you need it,' he said."

Link to the Denver Business Journal article

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