Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chicago's Michael Rosen Praises Denver's Biotech Prowess

CHICAGO - In the world of biotech, the assumption is that the two poles of greatest and best activity center around San Francisco on the West Coast and Boston on the East Coast. This assumption is based on the historic role each city has played over the last 30+ years and the wealth of intellectual capital in the key research-based universities such as University of California - San Francisco and Stanford University in San Francisco and MIT and Harvard in Boston (just to name a few). It doesn't hurt that a large concentration of venture capital is located in each city/region.

True, a lot of good new medicines are coming out of each of the above regions, but good medicine, diagnostics and medical devices is not the purview of these regions only. Last week, while visiting Denver I participated in two different meetings which showed me that biotech is alive, abundant and well in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region.

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