Sunday, November 15, 2015

Cat Care Society: October Adoption Tales by Karlyn Mendez, CCS Adoption Assistant

Feather (pictured) - “Molly” fit right in. She is described as affectionate and friendly and resides with a small dog.

Parker - likes to crawl on laps and snuggles between the owners on the bed. Parker shares his home with 2 other older cats and they all tolerate each other.

Elvira “Middie” - went home with an older woman. She snooped into everything and likes mellow music. She also likes to play with the crinkle ball and catnip carrot.

Maggie “Miss Sasha”- loves tummy rubs and wants attention on her terms and is nocturnal.  She doesn’t mind the dog.

Buddy - shares his home with an elderly couple and 2 dogs. He likes the husband and is affectionate and delightful. He enjoys his homemade wand toys.

Bella - gradually warmed up and is getting used to being held and gives love. She lives with a single young woman.

Xena - is healthy and happy. She enjoys pets and rubs behind the ears. A married couple with pre-teen daughters took her home.

Beverly “Alluka”- is confident and adjusted quickly. She likes having lots of attention and went home with a single young man.

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