Monday, July 27, 2015

Adoption Tales By Cat Care Society Shelter Assistant Karlyn Mendez

Cat Care Society's  'Forever Home' recap from June 27th:

London (pictured here) - “Jasmine” found a home with one of our new volunteer socializers and her family. She is doing quite well in her new home and her personality has improved ten-fold. She chirps during playtime with owners and loves the fresh air from the window.

Wyatt and Alex - “Oder and Uller” were adopted by two men. Both cats like watching owners do their yard work and hate the washer and dryer. Oder likes to bat toys and Uller window watches.

Benji - “Arthur” also got a home with one of our volunteers. He shares his home with 4 other cats. He is still a bit timid but is content and purrs a lot.

Douglas - “D.C.” (Stands for Douglas Cat) is a very wired and hyper kind of guy. Definitely doesn’t need coffee to wake up! He is an only child and is adjusting to his home.

Cheddar - “Brio” feels very at home and tolerates the older cat. She enjoys her owner’s lap and loves pets.

Link to view all the CCS adoptable cats

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