Friday, April 04, 2014

Colorado Medical Waste: 'Facility opening next to Fitzsimons campus is the first of its kind in Colorado' - Third in Nation

Quoting from the January 23rd Denver Post YourHub Aurora posting by Megan Mitchell:

"There is a jar of harmless medical waste on the edge of Beverly Hanstrom's desk. The contents look like paper confetti, but the shredded strings of light blue were once disposable gloves immersed in the body of a surgery patient.

'This is all that's left after ozone treatment,' Hanstrom, president of Colorado Medical Waste Inc., said. She held up the 1-pound jar of scraps that used to be 10 pounds of toxic trash discarded from a hospital...

...For someone barreling toward an environmental revolution, Hanstrom's enthusiasm is a bit depleted. 'It's hard for her because she has to lead to the way to get the community to understand the importance of this breakthrough technology,' said April Giles, president of the Colorado Bioscience Association.

After more than two years, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has granted Hanstrom the final inspection approval before she gets her Certification of Designation and can open for business."

Link to the Denver Post Aurora YourHub posting

Additional YourHub (Adams County) coverage from March 20th:

"Aurora approves innovative ozone medical waste disposal facility:

Colorado will be the third state to use ozone technology to dispose of medical waste after the city of Aurora approved the opening of Colorado Medical Waste Inc., at 3131 Oakland St.

'We are ecstatic to finally put this amazing technology to work for Colorado,' said Beverly Hanstrom, president of Colorado Medical Waste. 'Ozone medical waste processing is the future and will replace antiquated technologies and processes of the past.'"

Link to the Denver Post Adama County YourHub posting

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Link to the CMW website

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